8 Best Fun Alternatives to Trampolines in 2022

When it comes to backyard activities, kids love to jump on trampolines as it is the most common and loveable activity for them. Trampoline brings a lot of advantages including bone development, muscle growth, and muscle stability.

With a lot of advantages, there are many cons of trampolines including injuries, space issues and more. If you are looking for fun alternatives to trampolines that will help your kids to enjoy leisure time with less risk of injuries, this guide is for you.

When we see on the other side, we see a lot of alternatives to trampolines that will help your kids to enjoy the summer vacation with muscle development and fitness.

Alternatives to Trampolines in 2022

1. Bounce House

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If you can afford to have expensive alternatives to trampolines and your only concern is the safety of your kids, bounce houses are for you. Bounce houses are small inflatable jumping zones with many extras including slides, a balls pit area and more.

These bounce houses are usually lightweight and come with a quick blower that inflates them within a few minutes. Your kids may enjoy their jumps, exercises, fun activities and more. There are a lot of waterproof bounce houses as well that will help your kids in adding more fun to their backyard activities.

The bouncing cushion is much softer on the youngsters’ joints, allowing for a more engaging and hassle-free atmosphere among playmates. Inflatable castles may also be beneficial for children, particularly those with sensory impairments because playing within promotes the growth of sensorimotor abilities.

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2. Swings

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When it comes to the basic backyard alternatives to trampolines, swings are usually the first choice of parents as they are easy to anchor at any pole or tree. It provides your kid’s muscle stability and healthy activity in their free time.

Unlike trampolines in which you have to spend plenty of money, you can easily buy swings for a few dollars and the best thing you will not have to free up a large space in your backyard to anchor it.

I will recommend you buy a whole swing set. Obviously, it will cost you a few extra bucks but you will be able to add more strength to your swings that will last in poor weather as well. You will also get a few extra features including a chair and slide etc.

However, when we see the risk side, you will have to be conscious when your kids are on a slide as it can be extremely risky sometimes.

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3. Jump Rope

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Jump rope is quite popular in the backyard and indoor fitness activities and kids often enjoy their muscle development with the jump rope. This is an economical package in which you will not have to spend too much on fun activities.

Teach your kids the right form and when they will master it, they will be able to increase the number of repetitions and the time on the jump rope.

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4. Ball Pit

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The ball Pit playing area is one of the favourite alternatives for trampolines for kids. In this playing area, you will have a huge indoor ball pits area in which your kids will be able to jump, through and roll on balls.

Ensure that your ball pit area is covered with the safety net if you are using it in the backyard. You will not have to pay much as it will cost you a few bucks depending upon how many balls you want in the balls pit area.

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5. Water Slides

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Water Slides are yet another excellent alternative for outdoor recreation. Trampolines may not always require water, but they do give a similar amusement park-like pleasure for children as Slip N’ Slides do! The long-time popular backyard pastime replicates a brief journey down a water slide, which every child will enjoy.

The advantage of a water slide is you can use it in any weather with warm or cold water it is advisable for you to not use water slides during humid weather, but it will surely be your kid’s best partner for summers.

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6. Hola hoops Rings

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This is basically a fitness alternative to trampolines. It is actually quite common for kids to use it in their fun activities during their free time. With this equipment, you will get a set of rings that will be used by your kids for various fun activities in the backyard.

The best part is it helps in muscle development and helps in gaining weight for your kids. There are multiple exercises associated with hula hoop rings that add versatility to this equipment.

However, you will have to spend a few extra bucks to get a full set as it does not come at the budget price.

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7. Hopscotch


We all remember our childhood days when there were less backyard fun equipment and trampolines were not considered to be the safest option due to injuries, we use to play different outdoor games and Hopscotch is one of them.

A few circles are made with the counting in this game, and then kids play on it with different variations. It helps them to bring balance to their body with the continued development of control in the body.

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8. Hopper Ball

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If you do not have a large space to set up a trampoline and you are looking for the best alternative to trampolines for your kids in the budget range, a hopper ball is the best solution for you. It comes with fewer injury risks and your kids will be able to enjoy this on any road or park.

It can be made foldable so you can carry it on the beaches with you to have more fun. It helps your kids gain muscle strength as they force their muscles when they play with the hopper ball.

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Bottom Line

I hope, you will be able to pick up the best fun alternatives to trampolines and it all depends upon your personal choice, budget and space level. To avoid injuries, always choose the safest equipment.

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  1. These models can be stored in a closet or shed when not in use, and are lighter in weight, so you can easily transport them from room to room or from indoors to outdoors. As for larger trampolines, you’ll generally have to choose from sizes ranging from 8 feet to around 17 feet. Keep in mind that the size of a trampoline is measured from frame to frame, so its actual jumping surface will be less than its overall dimensions.


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