5 Best In-Ground Trampolines in 2022|Reviewed|Buying Guide|FAQ’s

Jumping on trampolines is always the best backyard activity. Inground trampolines are the need of this era. There are hundreds of thousands of injuries are reported each year due to trampolines. Inground trampolines have been considered safer than ordinary trampoline or a rebounder.

Choose the best In-ground trampoline that comes without trampoline legs. These trampolines are quite easier to assemble in your backyard area. All you need is a fair place in your backyard to enjoy the best inground trampoline.

There are a lot of variations that come when you make up your mind to buy the best inground trampolines. These variations may be about its size, safety, spring quality and enclosure net quality. We have also written a buying guide for you at the end of this inground trampoline guide.

Although, you need a few precautions while assembling an in-ground trampoline in your backyard area. You have to protect it from insects, and snakes. We have also discussed the inground trampoline care guide at the end of this guide.

You will not have to get an extra ladder and spend a lot of time assembling a trampoline when you order an inground trampoline with strong springs and amazing quality jumping mat.

Best Pick: 5 Best In-Ground Trampolines in 2022

Image Product Details   Price
Berg 11ft indoor trampoline BERG Trampoline Inground Champion 11ft with Safety Enclosure Net 11ft Berg Inground Trampoline with safety enclosure net and provides a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds View On Amazon
in-ground trampoline standard In-Ground Trampolines Standard With Two Size 12’ and 15; variations, this trampoline comes with a safety enclosure net, non-slip mat and a maximum weight capacity of 450 pounds View On Amazon
BERG 14 FT TRAMPOLINE BERG Trampoline Inground Champion 14ft This Oval-Shape 14ft Trampoline comes with the golden springs and a maximum weight capacity of 265 pounds View On Amazon
Avyna Pro-Line In-Ground Trampoline Avyna Pro-Line In-Ground Trampoline This round shape 14 ft trampoline comes with 8.5-inch-long springs and a maximum weight limit of 352 pounds View On Amazon
Berg 17ft trampoline BERG Trampoline Inground Champion Oval 17ft This large surface trampoline comes with the V-shaped springs and a maximum weight capacity of 311 pounds View On Amazon

1. BERG Trampoline Inground 11ft with Safety Enclosure Net

Berg 11ft indoor trampolineCheck Latest Price On Amazon

When it comes to the best inground trampolines, Berg Inground Trampolines are at the top of the list. BERG have a various range of sizes and trampolines to accommodate your backyard. Unlike Sky Walker who is considered to be the best brand in trampolines in terms of regular trampolines, this BERG brand produces the best inground trampolines.

Inground trampolines are always the safest options in the trampolines world. Due to less or no height, these trampolines do not have any height issues. This trampoline comes with an 11 ft trampoline frame. This trampoline has a unique oval shape which gives you more space than a round shape trampoline.

These BERG trampolines provide a greater bouncing area with a resting and two different bouncing spots. This trampoline comes with the high-quality steel springs and a V-shaped assembly to provide a greater jumping experience in the trampoline.

With this trampoline, you will get a high-quality jumping mat with 50% more air permeation than an ordinary trampoline jumping mat. You will get golden colours springs with a foam padded cushion to protect against unexpected landing during high-jumping.

This trampoline also features a safety enclosure net that will protect you from unexpected injuries. You can do high jumps, flips, gymnastic exercises, somersaults move, rebounding sessions weight loss exercises and cardio moves through this trampoline.

One of the key features of this trampoline is its closely woven safety enclosure net which will protect you from catching your fingers and toes in it. You will also get foam-padded poles to bind your safety net.

You will have to compromise much with your wallet while purchasing these inground trampolines as this alloy steel trampoline will cost you over 1300$ but in return, they will provide you with a lifetime warranty.

It comes with a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds which is quite enough for an 11 ft jumping mat. Your kids will be able to enjoy their trampoline parties and they will not have to wait for their turn.

  • Oval Shape Trampoline
  • 50% more air permeation
  • Budget-Friendly in our list
  • V-Shaped Golden Springs
  • Alloy Steel Frame
  • Assembly takes time
  • Low weight capacity

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2. In-Ground Trampolines Standard

in-ground trampoline standardCheck Latest Price On Amazon

If you have a spacious area in your backyard and you want to assemble a large-size inground trampoline, you have to look at this Standard In-ground Trampoline option. This trampoline will give you the liberty to a jumping frame of 15 ft.

This best inground trampoline comes with a 14-gauge steel tube and you will not have to dig a big hole in your backyard when you have 19-gauge steel wall panels with it to support your trampoline during high jumps.

You will not have to compromise on a standard In-ground trampoline with galvanizing steel coating in metal parts to protect them against harsh weather. All the screws and joints come in stainless steel which will provide durability and strength to this frame.

You will not have to compromise on regular trampolines when you have this advanced IGT system which will provide you an extra bouncy experience to your trampoline.

With 20X more airflow than other jumping surface mats on the market, this one ensures full airflow, which greatly improves your bouncing experience. It would be unlike anything you’ve ever seen on a trampoline.

You will get two frame size variations including 12 and 15 ft so you can pick up the right size as per your backyard area. This trampoline comes with a unique padded bungee system that will provide you with more safety during jumping on the trampoline. It will ensure that only minimal stress will be laid on your joints and you will not have to change mat with time.

Although it does not come under 1000$, this trampoline will provide you with a huge 450-pound maximum weight capacity that will give you the liberty to accommodate multiple kids on the trampoline at the same time.

You can also use it as a rebounder and it has been established through research that 10 minutes on a trampoline will burn more calories than 30 minutes on a treadmill or cycling.

  • Sturdy Frame
  • Unique foam-padded bungees system
  • Two size variations
  • Three attractive colours
  • Strong Steel wall patterns
  • Expensive option

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3. BERG Trampoline Inground Champion 14ft

BERG 14 FT TRAMPOLINECheck Latest Price On Amazon

We have listed the three BERG trampolines in our best Inground Trampolines guide. With their 30 years of experience in the industry, they are producing one of the best In-ground trampolines in the market.

This BERG champion 14ft trampoline is the successor of an 11ft trampoline. This trampoline is for those who have a moderate backyard and want a spacious trampoline than the BERG champion 11 ft trampoline.

They have almost the same type of specifications and accessories. One of the key features of this trampoline is a greater number of springs and with their V-shaped springs assembly, it provides more strength to the jumping mat.

This safe trampoline comes with a no-gap safety net so you will not have to worry about your kid’s safety. It is designed on premium quality jumping mats which provide you 50% more air pump than an ordinary trampoline mat to make it fun-loving equipment for your kids.

If you want a trampoline for your rebounding session, you may use this large surface oval shape trampoline with your trainer. You can easily accommodate up to 10 kids on this trampoline with its 265 pounds individual weight capacity which is quite enough.

Due to its moderate weight capacity, this trampoline is not recommended for healthier people, you may look for another option listed in our guide if you are over 220 pounds.

  • 265 pounds weight capacity
  • Strong Gold Springs with foam padded cushion
  • Bouncier Jumping Mat
  • No steel wall cladding

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4. Avyna Pro-Line In-Ground Trampoline

Avyna Pro-Line In-Ground TrampolineCheck Latest Price On Amazon

If you are looking for the best In-Ground Trampoline in the round shape, this 14 ft diameter round trampoline by Avyna Pro-Line Inground Trampoline is for you. This safe trampoline will be a new addition to your backyard.

This Inground Trampoline comes with decent and non-flashy colours that will match your wall’s paint. This trampoline is stable equipment and you will not have to get a ladder to reach the jumping surface.

It provides you with a two-way bouncing experience with a resting zone as well. It comes with a thick foam padded cushion that will cover your springs and tubing area and will provide you with a soft rest area for the next rebounding or jumping period.

You will not have to compromise on its built quality due to its 8.5 inches-long springs that will provide this trampoline with an extra bounce. The manufacturers’ have installed almost 96 springs and they have covered the complete springs zone for unexpected injuries.

It is true that Inground Trampolines are considered to be the safest trampoline but Anyna has left no stone unturned to make it the safest on the list. This best Inground Trampoline features a strong jumping mat with a water-resistant and UV-resistant surface.

This trampoline comes with 352-pound maximum weight capacity which makes it the best inground trampoline for all age users and you will not have to worry during high jumps, flips, jumping jacks and other rebounding moves.

Although, they do not provide you with a safety enclosure mat which is the quite necessary equipment for the trampoline in my opinion. You can buy a safety enclosure net separately as they do not cost you too much as other trampoline brands do.

The installation of this trampoline is quite easier. There is a manual guide in the box. You have to dig a hole in the trampoline and a 3 cubic yard area will be excavated and this trampoline will be ready to set u in your backyard area.

  • 352 pounds weight capacity
  • 8.5 inches long springs for extra bounce
  • Large 14 ft round trampoline
  • Stainless steel springs
  • Thick foam padded springs cushion
  • No safety netting
  • Assembly is quite difficult for newbies

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5. BERG Trampoline Inground Champion Oval 17ft

Berg 17ft trampolineCheck Latest Price On Amazon

Another BERG Oval Inground Trampoline, Another Quality product! But this time with the largest one. This trampoline comes with a huge 17ft trampoline which will take a lot of space in your backyard.

This trampoline is also quite similar to the previous BERG trampolines but they provide you with a large surface which is quite necessary for large families who have to entertain multiple kids on a single trampoline.

This trampoline will be your family’s best recreational activity due to its spacious jumping zone. This trampoline assembles in the same V-shaped springs which come in its lower version.

It is obvious that it comes as an expensive option due to its large size and over 310 pounds maximum weight capacity which makes it great equipment for the whole family.

Its frame is made up of the same alloy steel and with the rust-resistant coating, it provides you with a long-lasting trampoline. It will provide you with a large safety net that is closely bounded with the foam padded poles to make it intact.

You will not have to compromise on your kid’s safety with its reliable resting area which is actually a foam cushion cover on its springs. You will easily be able to get into the trampoline with its zipper entry and it will not hurt you while disassembling during harsh weather.

They have made its jumping mat to be soft and non-slippery so you will not have to worry about getting slipped during high jumps. As there are chances of getting dirt in your trampoline mat but its water-resistant and waterproof mat will allow you to clean it easily with any home detergent.

  • 17 ft large round trampoline
  • 310 pounds maximum weight capacity
  • V-shaped golden springs
  • Thick foam padded cushion on its springs
  • Safe zipper entry through its enclosure net
  • Installation takes a lot of time
  • Expensive option in the list
  • Not recommended for small backyards.

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What do you Consider Before Buying the Best In-Ground Trampoline? Buying Guide

In-ground trampolines are the need of the modern era. Due to their assembly on the ground, these trampolines are considered to be the safest in the trampolines industry. It was very difficult for me to research the best inground trampolines because this Inground trampolines industry is just getting entry into the mainstream market.

After reading our reviews, we are sure that you have reached a level where you can make an opinion to buy the best Inground trampoline for your own backyard. To make each penny more worthy, we have also established a buying guide for you to pick up the best product according to your need.

Inground Trampolines have been based on many factors and we have shortlisted a few important factors you should consider before buying a trampoline for your home.


Size is the main factor in buying the best In-ground trampolines. As these inground trampolines do not come in small sizes due to the smaller number of brands involved in this industry but still you will get a handsome choice from 11 ft to 17 ft trampolines. You may choose the one according to your backyard area. If you are choosing the largest option, make sure that you have extra space in your backyard too for more fun activities.


The shape is another factor in trampolines. These inground trampolines come in different shapes ranging from oval, round and rectangle shapes. You might have also noticed the brand dominancy of BERG in the Inground trampolines but they provide you with an oval shape trampoline which is quite spacious than the round ones.

The shape also depends upon personal preferences. It may be your kid’s choice to choose a trampoline to jump on.


Safety should be your first priority in choosing any trampoline. Although these In-ground trampolines are considered to be the safest option still there are a few safety accessories you should assemble with your trampoline. In safety accessories, the safety net comes at the first position. You should always choose a tightly woven safety net for safe trampoline moves.

Inground Trampolines also come with thick foam padded springs cover cushion which can also be your resting area due to the soft and non-bouncing zone for the next jumping session.

Weight Capacity

Choosing the maximum weight capacity of the trampolines is our first choice. We always tend to buy product which gives us lifetime warranty and durability. If you have multiple kids to accommodate on Inground Trampoline, make sure that you are picking up a trampoline with over 250 pounds maximum weight capacity.

Jumping Surface

 A Jumping surface also matters a lot in choosing the safest trampoline for your backyard. Avoid choosing trampolines that have a slippery jumping mat which can cause an issue with your toes and fingers. You will also need to see its jumping mat and make sure that it will be a waterproof mat and you will not have to worry during heavy rain weather.


How much does it cost to put in an in-ground trampoline?

Inground Trampolines come in various price ranges starting from 1500$ to 2500$. If you have made up your mind to buy the Inground trampoline, you will have to pay more. Even the 11ft trampoline will cost you more than the ordinary trampoline due to more thick springs and they have to produce more air pumps than the simple trampolines.

How deep should a trampoline be in the ground? Inground Trampoline Installation  

 You have to dig out almost 10-12 inches of soil as per your trampoline size and at the middle of the hole, you have to dig more to produce a hole that will be 24 inches less than the trampoline size and you will get a shape of the bowl in which you can place your trampoline easily.

Make sure that you have enough space and measure the trampoline from all side and mark it on the ground before starting to dig.

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