10 Best Mini Trampolines For Flips | Reviewed | Buying Guide | FAQ’s

Mini trampolines or rebounders are the most hot-selling product in this tough time. Large Trampolines are getting old in your backyard and with their large size, they can not be stored in case of harsh weather as it takes hours to assemble.

If you are looking for a mini trampoline for flips, you should consider reading this article as we have researched for all the available options and have found the 10 Best trampolines for flips (mini) that will help you in building strong core muscles and you will start losing your weight rapidly than any other cardio equipment.

Flips are the most essential techniques in gymnastic moves and they tend to work on our full body muscles to build them stronger more high jumps, somersaults, jumping jacks and other essential moves on a mini-trampoline.

How to do Flips on a Mini Trampoline?

Flips are basically the start of your gymnastic and callisthenics journey. If you want to maintain your health and your goal is to make your core stronger, flips are the best exercise for you.

Although, it is not an easy job to do flips a lot of practise will make you perfect. If you have a mini-trampoline in your home, it will be a blessing in disguise as trampolines provide you with a little jump which is enough for you to rotate your body to make a flip.

If you want to learn and practice doing flips on a mini trampoline, follow these steps, I have also embedded a YouTube video before the review so you will have a better idea.

  • Make sure your trampoline will be stable and fully assemble
  • Start with taking momentum from 7-8 ft away from the mini trampoline
  • Now, run forward and jump on a trampoline, it will make an extra force and you will be in the air
  • Now, twist your body in 180 degrees to make a flip and land on the ground
  • I will suggest you start on a large trampoline or any form area so you will not get hurt.

Best Pick: 10 Best Mini Trampolines for Flips

While choosing the best mini trampoline, you should keep in mind a few things including size, budget, safety and bounce quality. We have also covered a buying guide at the end of the review so you will be able to pick up the best mini trampolines for flips to assemble in your home gym.

Category Image Product Summary Price
Overall Best Mini Trampoline for Flips BCAN 40 inch Folding Trampoline BCAN 40″ Foldable Mini Trampoline 40” foldable mini trampoline with 28 inches jumping zone and 7.5 inches height which is ideal for mini trampoline flips and holds up to 330 pounds weight View on Amazon
Best Safe Trampoline for Flips skywalker mini trampoline Skywalker Trampolines Mini Trampoline with Enclosure Net The safest 40“mini-trampoline suitable for both kids and adults to perform gymnastic flips with a safety enclosure net and holds up to 170 pounds View On Amazon
Best Oval-Shape Mini Trampoline for flips stamina oval fitness trampoline Stamina Oval Fitness Trampoline Oval Shape mini trampoline rebounder with large jumping surface and thick padding on springs area View On Amazon
Best Mini Trampoline with Handrail SereneLife trampoline SereneLife Portable & Foldable Trampoline 40” rebounder (mini-trampoline) with portable and compact design and holds up to 250 pounds View On Amazon
Best Folding Mini Trampoline for Flips Stamina 36 inch rebounder Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline Budget mini trampoline with 3 ft trampoline frame with foldable legs and holds up to 250 pounds weight. View On Amazon
Best Low-Height Mini Trampoline for Flips BSPORTY trampoline BSPORTY Mini Trampoline 40-inch mini trampoline with a strong adjustable handrail and holds up to 330 pounds weight View On Amazon
Best Mini Trampoline for Dual Flips N1fit trampoline N1 Fit Mini Trampoline It comes with 36 steel springs for extra bounce and 40 inches trampoline frame that will hold up to 250 pounds of weight View On Amazon
Best Trampoline for Flip with 8FT Frame giantex trampoline Giantex 8FT
Trampoline with safety enclosure net
With limited stock, this trampoline does not come in mini-trampoline but it is the safest option in 8 ft category trampoline for flips and gymnastic moves on the trampoline View On Amazon
Best Trampoline for kid’s flips with Resistance Bands newan trampoline Newan 40” Silent Fitness Mini Trampoline Mini Trampoline with 40 inches trampoline frame and unique hexagonal design and holds up to 330 pounds weight View On Amazon
Best Mini Trampoline for Heavy-Adults DARchen mini trampoline Darchen 450 lbs Mini Trampoline A relatively expensive option but this premium trampoline comes with the 450 pounds weight limit View On Amazon

1. BCAN 40″ Foldable Mini Trampoline

BCAN 40 inch Folding TrampolineCheck Latest Price on Amazon

If you are looking for the best mini trampoline for flips, this foldable option from BCAN is the best mini trampoline for you. It comes with a low height as you might have seen in the video that low height trampolines are easy to jump on to flip.

This 40” trampoline provides a decent room for your feet to land during flips. When you take the step from ground level to jump on a trampoline to make a reverse or front flip, it does not get loose as this trampoline has a non-slip jumping mat.

This trampoline also comes with an adjustable handrail to assist you during high jumps or rebounding exercises. You will also love to see its closely attached springs which produce 50% more bounce than ordinary mini-trampolines.

Do not worry about landing on its springs as they are covered with a thick padded cushion that will save your knee and feet from injuries.

When we look into its price, it comes in the middle category but you get 330 pounds weight limit which makes it the best mini trampoline for flips and heavy adults.

  • 330 pounds weight limit
  • Low-Height which is recommended for flips
  • 40” trampoline frame
  • A large Number of springs
  • Adjustable Handrail
  • Price is not in the budget range
  • Not safe for kids under 12

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2. Skywalker Trampolines Mini Trampoline with Enclosure Net

skywalker mini trampolineCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Skywalker, the leading brand in the trampoline’s market. If you are looking for a mini trampoline for flips that will accommodate you and your kids on a single mini trampoline, this Skywalker 60 inches trampoline is for you.

It actually comes in a unique design. As always, they have not compromised on the built quality and the safety of the trampoline as they are the only brand in mini trampolines that provide a safety enclosure net.

It is true when you are doing flips on a mini trampoline, you do not need to have a safety net on the trampoline because jumping start from the ground and goes to the trampoline surface.

A safety enclosure net is present in this trampoline to make it a multipurpose trampoline. You kids can also enjoy their fun and healthy growth on this trampoline.

You will not have to worry about getting your kids hurt due to its stretch bands instead of springs bands that make it a more shock-absorbing trampoline.

The only issue is its weight limit which is only 150-170 pounds which is quite less for heavy adults.

  • Relatively large 5 ft trampoline
  • Use of elastic bands instead of springs
  • Handlebar to keep your kids safe
  • Safety enclosure net
  • Weight limit is only 150 pounds
  • Less sturdy for adults

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3. Stamina Oval Fitness Trampoline

stamina oval fitness trampolineCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Have you gotten bored of having a round or rectangle trampoline in your home? It’s time to change. This Oval Shape Mini Trampoline by Stamina will fulfil your needs.

This mini trampoline will be your best partner for flips as it comes with a low height jumping surface that is easily accessible with a small jump.

You will love to assemble it easily as it comes with lightweight. Its springs are closely intact with each other and you will get thick foam padded springs cover to protect you from undesired injuries.

This trampoline comes in the budget category but it has not compromised on quality as its elastic bands protect your knee to get an injury during high jumps.

It is not recommended for kids under 12 as there is no safety enclosure net it. You may use it for rebounding sessions or flips but if you want your kids to play on it, remember to supervise them.

  • Budget-Friendly
  • Oval Shape – More jumping area
  • Elastic bands make it safer
  • Lightweight
  • Keep it away from toddlers

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4. SereneLife Portable & Foldable Trampoline

SereneLife trampolineCheck Latest Price on Amazon

The best-rated trampoline on Amazon, this SerneLife portable trampoline comes with a 40 inches trampoline frame. This mini trampoline comes with a strong and sturdy adjustable handrail with a padded group for callisthenics moves.

Although its legs are not as sturdy as they should be due to their low height, it provides an extremely safe jump on the trampoline. If you are trying forward flips, just start from the ground, jump on the trampoline and rotate your body to complete a flip.

Due to the less sturdy frame, it can only 220 pounds weight capacity which is quite less for a mini trampoline that has to be used for rebounding or gymnastic purposes.

  • Portable
  • Adjustable handrail with rubber grip
  • Easy to assemble within a few minutes
  • Affordable
  • Less weight capacity
  • Foundation legs are less reliable

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5. Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline

Stamina 36 inch rebounderCheck Latest Price on Amazon

This budget-friendly mini trampoline for flips comes under 50$ and with its 250 pounds weight capacity, you will not have to suffer much during your daily routine exercises.

This mini trampoline is a hot-selling product due to its price and quality. This lightweight trampoline which is just 14 pounds in weight comes with 30 tension bands to provide enough bounce on the trampoline.

Although this trampoline is really small in size (36 inches in diameter), you will enjoy your flips with more convenience. They are also providing a set of two including stamina oval trampoline and stamina 36-inch folding trampoline.

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Best for small spaces
  • Extremely affordable
  • Less weight capacity
  • Not recommended for advanced level flips or rebounding exercises

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6. BSPORTY Mini Trampoline

BSPORTY trampolineCheck Latest Price on Amazon

If you are interested in callisthenics exercises or you have a passion for being an energetic athlete and you are looking for the best mini trampolines for flips that will last with you forever.

This mini trampoline by BSPORTY comes with a sturdy frame with an extra-strong leg foundation which makes it the most stable on our list. This trampoline will hold up to 330 pounds which makes it the best mini trampoline for heavy adults.

Its adjustable handrail is made with high-quality material which can easily bear your weight during bodyweight exercises on a trampoline.

You can easily carry it in your car’s trunk and take it anywhere with you due to its portability which compact it up to 1/4th of its size.

There are multiple options available to buy this including a used one or a new and you will get this at a relatively budget price.

  • Economical
  • Non-slip mat
  • Water-resistant trampoline frame and jumping zone
  • 350 pounds weight limit
  • Springs are less safe than elastic bands

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7. N1 Fit Mini Trampoline

N1fit trampolineCheck Latest Price on Amazon

This trampoline is quite similar to the previous 40-inch trampolines but those are mostly made up of elastic bands.

I know elastic bands trampolines are more demanding and safer to use but a few users demand spring trampoline due to extra bounce in trampoline.

This is because of their strength during jumping on a trampoline. It comes with 36 large size trampolines which make it 50% extra bouncier than ordinary mini-trampolines.

The reason why it is the best mini trampoline for flips is its shock-absorption mat which reduces the impact up to 50% so you will be safe during high jumps on a mini-trampoline. It can also be assembled in your backyard area due to its waterproof PVC-padded springs cover

Talking about its negative points, it can only hold up to 200-250 pounds which is quite less for a mini trampoline that will be used for flips.

  • 6-legs strong foundation
  • Good colour combination
  • Best for cardio and flips
  • Noiseless jumping
  • Waterproof mat
  • Less weight capacity
  • Only 6-legs foundation which makes it a less durable option.

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8. Giantex 8FT Trampoline with safety enclosure net

giantex trampolineCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Yeah! We admit that this is not the exact mini trampoline which is varied from 3-5 ft but this trampoline for heavy adults will be the best partner for your gymnastics and flips moves.

This safe trampoline comes in an 8ft large trampoline area meaning you will be able to jump and perform a flip or somersault inside of its cage.

Its no-gap safety enclosure net will keep you safe in case of high jumps and you will not land outside of the trampoline.

It is basically recommended for the outdoor assembly but if you have a lot of space in your kids playing area or home gym, you may assemble it there easily and you will not have to worry about its built quality as well

Springs are well coated with steel powder coating and they have made it safe by putting a foam padded cover on its spring.

Due to the large size and safety net, it comes in an expensive range. It will cost you almost twice that of a mini-trampoline but it will cover all of your and your kid’s trampoline needs. Keep Calm as you will not have to worry about supervising your kids now.

  • 8ft large trampoline area
  • 42 large size springs
  • The safest trampoline due to safety enclosure net
  • 3 W-shaped legs foundation
  • Not suitable for small indoor playing area

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9. Newan 40” Silent Fitness Mini Trampoline

newan trampolineCheck Latest Price on Amazon

If you are looking for a trampoline that will not hurt your family ear and there will be no unpleasant sound in it, this Newman 40” mini trampoline is for you.

With an artistic hexagonal shape, this trampoline comes with an extremely durable and sturdy frame. It bounces on elastic bands which makes it the shockproof mini trampoline for flips.

Although, its height is doubled as other options in our list and you may face difficulty in jump on to flip but if you are doing gymnastic moves from a time, it will not be a hurdle for you.

Talking about its price, it will not give you a budget-friendly range but you will love to enjoy the 300 pounds weight capacity of this trampoline.

  • Unique Design
  • 300 pounds weight capacity
  • Elastic bands are tightly enclosed to the frame
  • Noiseless
  • A little expensive
  • Trampoline height is more

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10. Darchen 450 lbs Mini Trampoline

DARchen mini trampolineCheck Latest Price on Amazon

This premium mini trampoline for flips is the best available option for heavy adults due to its huge 450 pounds weight capacity.

It comes with excellent built quality and with its V-shaped elastic bungees bands, you will get an anti-shock and smooth jumping experience on its surface.

Its mat comes with a non-slip and noiseless surface which will help you to have safe flips on this trampoline. It comes with the low height that is the basic need of the best mini trampolines for flips

Although, it provides 450 pounds weight capacity but still comes at a high price. However, it still comes as the top 3 selling rebounder on Amazon.

  • 450 pounds weight capacity
  • V-shaped elastic bungees
  • Low height trampoline
  • Noiseless
  • Expensive
  • Not recommended for kids

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Buying guide to get The Best Mini Trampolines for Flip

You might have concluded to choose the best mini trampoline for yourself. If you have more concerned, we have made a buying guide for you that will surely help you in choosing the best mini trampoline as per your need.


Mini trampoline height is the most important factor in the trampoline that is to be used for flips. Low height trampolines are preferred due to outreaching is easy and you will not have to make high jumps to reach the trampoline surface.

If you are using it as a rebounder, then there will not be any issue with the height.


Safety always comes first in the trampoline’s worlds. As these mini trampolines are mostly used by adults so there is no need for a safety enclosure net but if you want to make it a family use product, then a separate enclosure net is necessary for your kids.

Prefer elastic bungees instead of springs as they are more friendly to your knees and they bear more pressure than springs. You will get noiseless jumping experience on bungees trampolines


Mini trampolines usually come within 3-5 ft range and you may choose as per your need but if you are new to flips, I will recommend you to practice on large size trampolines as landings may go wrong and you will get hurt.

Weight Capacity

It is a significant factor in trampolines as most of the mini trampolines provide less weight capacity and they are mostly for kids. Always make sure that you are using the right product with the right weight capacity for yourself.

If you are heavy adults, I will recommend you to go for the Darchen 450 pounds weight limit trampoline as they will help you in every trampoline exercise.



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