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Jumping on a trampoline is always considered to be the best healthy activity in your backyard. You will not have to buy separate cardio and fitness equipment when you have a trampoline assembled in your backyard

Rectangle Trampolines give you more liberty of space and a bouncy experience. If you are searching for the best rectangle trampoline, we are here for you.

If you have the high goals of cardio and fitness training, you must have to assemble a large rectangle trampoline which will give you more space in less price. Rectangle trampolines come in various sizes and accessories.

You may choose the best rectangle trampolines depending upon your workout goals and kid’s age. Always choose the safest trampoline because many injuries are reported each year due to the trampoline.

Best Pick: 7 Best Rectangle Trampolines in 2022

Category Image Product Summary Price
Overall Best Rectangle Trampoline skywalker rectangle trampoline 8 Skywalker Trampolines – Rectangle

This rectangular trampoline with dimensions 8’ x 14’ comes with an enclosure safety net and a basketball hoop with 250 pounds individual weight capacity

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Best Rectangle Trampoline with a maximum weight limit Happy trampoline Happy Trampoline – Rectangle Trampoline

With 550 pounds of maximum weight capacity, this rectangular trampoline comes with a large 10’ x 17’ trampoline area with a tall enclosure net

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Best Rectangle Trampoline with easy assembly Upper Bounce Trampoline Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline

High-quality jumping mat with 500 pounds weight capacity, this trampoline provides a UV protective enclosure net

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Best Rectangle Trampoline with a strong foundation jump king rectangle trampoline JumpKing Rectangular Trampoline

With four strong U-shaped legs foundation, this trampoline comes in an aesthetic design and 250 pounds weight capacity

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Best Rated Rectangle Trampoline beast k9 trampoline Beast K9 10×17 Performance Rectangle Trampoline

This large trampoline with 10 x 17 dimensions and 9.5 inches piano wire springs, can hold up t0 400+ weight

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Best Mini Rectangle Trampoline jump power mini trampoline JUMP POWER Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline

This small size trampoline with a safety enclosure net is the best option for kids with safety and durability. It can hold up to 200 pounds

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Best IN-GROUND Rectangle Trampoline Berg in ground trampoline BERG Inground Trampoline

In-ground trampoline with enclosure net, this trampoline comes with 14ft rectangle trampoline with 300 pounds individual weight limit

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1. Skywalker Trampolines – Rectangle

skywalker rectangle trampoline 8Check Latest On Amazon

When we jump into the best trampolines world, we mostly see Skywalker at the top. Skywalker has a variety of trampolines including round, square and rectangle shape trampolines. These trampolines also come in various sizes starting from 8ft to 17 ft.

This best rectangle trampoline by skywalker comes with a large trampoline frame with dimensions 8’ x 14’which will provide you with the liberty to perform any kind of trampoline activity on it.

You will be able to perform gymnastic moves. If you are on weight loss, having a trampoline will be more effective than any other cardio equipment. With this much large surface, you will not have to worry about multiple kid’s parties. You may easily decorate its safety net and your kids will enjoy a trampoline evening party on this large mat.

You will not have to compromise on quality while enjoying your favourite trampoline moves due to its strong two-size springs. This trampoline comes with 80 springs (each of 7”) and 4 springs (each of 5.5”) to provide a bouncy jumping mat.

 You will feel safer with its no-gap safety enclosure net. I personally love their idea of anchoring a safety net inside springs to avoid any unexpected injury from the trampoline. Its U-shaped foundation legs come with galvanized steel coating to protect your frame from rust and weather effects.

This trampoline comes with a non-slippery and shock-absorption jumping mat to protect your kids during high jumps.

The only negative thing which I feel is their maximum weight capacity which is only 250 pounds. Rectangle trampolines usually provide more individual weight capacity. However, it’s quite enough for 5 to 6 kids at a time on a trampoline.

  • Large Trampoline
  • Strong Springs
  • Non-slippery Mat
  • No-gap Safety enclosure net
  • Only 250 pounds weight capacity
  • Less No. of springs


2. Happy Trampoline – Rectangle Trampoline

Happy trampolineCheck Latest On Amazon

If you have multiple kids at your home and you want to assemble a multipurpose trampoline for more workout options. This 10’ x17’ large trampoline is only recommended for people having a big backyard.

This trampoline comes with a 3.0mm thick galvanized steel frame to provide more stability and durability to the jumping zone.

With huge 550 pounds of maximum weight capacity, this rectangular trampoline comes with a large 10’ x 17’ trampoline area with a tall enclosure net. This large trampoline will train your kids for gymnastic moves and they will be healthier than before while playing.

This trampoline also comes with a tightly woven safety enclosure net which lies on strong foam padded poles to avoid any accidental injury. This trampoline also comes with a foam-padded cushion on its springs.

You will get a strong U-shaped foundation, a non-slippery mat and a ladder in this package. With its shock-absorbing mat, you will not have to worry about accommodating 10 kids at a time.

The only negative and a big factor is its price which is too much. Although it provides 550 individual weight capacity still it is the most expensive option in our best rectangle trampolines list.

  • 550 pounds weight limits
  • More number of springs
  • Large trampoline frame
  • Galvanized steel ladder
  • Quite expensive option
  • Not recommended for small spaces

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3. Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline Set

Upper Bounce TrampolineCheck Latest On Amazon

This amazing design trampoline is a patented design that comes with a no-gap enclosure safety net. This trampoline comes with a 10’ x 17’ large trampoline frame with the amazing 10 inches of springs. You will love to enjoy its extra bouncy surface due to its 108 springs.

This trampoline comes with a 7ft tall galvanized steel poles foundation which also comes with powder coating to provide a more rust-resistant experience. Its safety net and jumping mat are designed with shock absorption technology to protect against any injury during high jumping.

You will love to enjoy its 500 pounds weight capacity and extra-durable frame which is built on ASTM standards. You will not have to worry about cleaning its jumping mat due to the water-resistant surface.

With incline strong foundation legs, a safety enclosure net and 500 pounds weight capacity, you will not have to worry about spending too much on this trampoline as it comes in a budget-friendly price range.

  • 500 pounds weight limit
  • High-quality U-shaped legs
  • ASTM standards product
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Springs’s cushion should be more padded
  • Less Warranty

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4. JumpKing Rectangular Trampoline

jump king rectangle trampolineCheck Latest On Amazon

This is the time to ultimate and endless fun when you have the best rectangle trampoline assembled in your backyard. This trampoline for multiple kids provides a large trampoline frame with the dimensions 10’x 14’.

This trampoline comes with four strong U-shaped legs to provide more durability and strength to the frame. Its steel tube frame provides a more bouncy area and your kids will love to enjoy their gymnastic and cardio moves on its UV protective mat.

This trampoline comes with a safe zipper entry which is an L-shaped entry for safe entry and exit. You will not have to spend a lot of hours assembling Jumpking rectangular trampoline due to its G3 pole design which Is quite easy to assemble.

This is a complete family trampoline that also comes with a polypropylene enclosure safety net with a padded springs cushion. This trampoline is only recommended for kids with a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Its shock absorption mat will allow your kids to enjoy their trampoline parties, somersaults and flips exercises. Its budget-friendly price will provide you with a best seller product at reasonable pricing.

  • Economical Price
  • Large jumping area
  • Best-Seller tag on Amazon
  • L-shaped zipper entry
  • Only 250 pounds weight limit
  • Not recommended for adults
  • Limited Stock

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5. Beast K9 10×17 Performance Rectangle Trampoline 

beast k9 trampolineCheck Latest On Amazon

This beast K9 10 x 17 Rectangle Trampoline is suitable for you if you’re looking for a trampoline that lasted for several years with you. Because of its extreme construction and incredible functionality, this incredible rectangular trampoline will quickly become a business place.

This latest trampoline brand comes with 9.5-inch springs and provides a fine jumping experience on the best snowmobile for fitness trampolines, as opposed to any trampoline brand with a length of 6 or 7 inches.

This trampoline has a large bouncing area of 10 x 17 ft to give your children the space to spend more time and freedom in gymnastics classes. Its piano wire springs come with padded cushion support which will provide more safety in the trampoline.

There is a unique feature in this trampoline which is its weight capacity which is unlimited in their listings but the users have tested it over 400 pounds and they found no cracks and issues in its assembly.

  • 400+ pounds weight capacity
  • 10 x 17 ft trampoline frame
  • 9.5 inches long piano wire springs
  • Strong Foundation
  • Galvanized steel ladder
  • Expensive
  • Quite new listing

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6. JUMP POWER Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline

jump power mini trampolineCheck Latest On Amazon

If you are looking to assemble a mini trampoline in your living or gaming area and you do not want to invest in round shape mini rebounder, this mini rectangle trampoline is for you.

This low-height trampoline comes with a small 72” x 50” rectangular trampoline surface with a lightweight frame. This trampoline comes with two foundation legs. You will love to see its aesthetic colour combinations.

Unlike most of the mini trampolines that come with no safety features, this trampoline comes with an enclosure safety net made up of Poly Ethylene material. Your kids will also love to enjoy flips and swings.

The only negative point is its 200 pounds weight capacity which is less for multi-users. If your kids may wait for their turn, you can assemble it on your trampoline today.

  • Lightweight frame
  • Galvanized steel tubing
  • Strong legs
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Less springs
  • Only for 2-3 kids

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7. BERG Trampoline Inground Champion

Berg in ground trampolineCheck Latest On Amazon

If you are looking for the best rectangle trampoline in the In-ground category, this BERG In-ground trampoline is for you. Inground trampolines are getting quite popular due to less risk of injury and easy assembly.

Although, these trampolines provide less jumping fun than poles foundation trampolines I will recommend it if you have fewer goals with the trampoline.

This trampoline provides less air resistance and comes with a strong and UV protective safety net which comes with no gap so there will be no chance of catching your fingers and hands on it.

These In-ground and the safest trampoline are expensive most of the time due to a greater number of springs and large trampoline area. Its jumping mat is equipped with a thick foam padded cushion which will help you in a non-slippery jumping experience.

The only issue with these trampolines is that they get wet in the rainy season. Although, its mat is water-resistant still you have to bear the water on its base which makes it difficult to handle. If you have a shaded area in your backyard, then it will be the best option for you.

  • More safety
  • Enclosed safety net
  • Water-resistant and foam-padded mat
  • Padded cushion Cover
  • Expensive Option
  • Not recommended in rainy areas

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Buying Guide to Getting the Best Rectangle Trampoline

If you have made up your mind to choose the rectangle trampoline instead of the other options available, now it’s the right time for you to jump over to a quick buying guide. Rectangle trampolines come with a lot of variations including size, safety, weight capacity, and mat quality which we will be discussing in this guide.

Go through this ultimate guide and you will be able to assemble a rectangle trampoline in your home.


Rectangle trampolines usually come in large gymnastic sizes. These sizes varied from 8 ft to 20 ft. You may choose according to your workout and trampoline moves needs and space. If you have a greater backyard, you must go towards the highest options. I will recommend you to choose between skywalker or happy Trampolines as they are the best.

We have also listed a mini rectangle trampoline if you want to get a trampoline for your indoor living area. Kids who are age between 3-10 years may get benefits from this mini-trampoline.

If you want to have a rebounding session on a trampoline, you must go towards durable and heavy-duty rectangle trampolines to save your knee and feet from any accidental injury.


Safety should be your first priority when choosing the best rectangular trampoline. There are plenty of safety features in a trampoline to consider before buying it. Safety enclosure nets are the most prominent feature in trampolines for safety.

 If you have kids in your home, then the risk is a big stake. Almost 100000 injuries are reported each year due to accidents from trampolines and 70% of them are kids. While assembling a trampoline, make sure that you anchor a safety net inside of the steel springs.

Most trampolines also provide springs and padded cushions which is an extra safety feature for unsafe landing. Make sure that your safety net will be UV protective so it will not get riskier with time.

Always check the safety net holes. It should be woven too closely so there will be less risk of catching your fingers and toes in the net. Consider the higher number of springs on the trampoline as it provides a more secure jumping experience on a trampoline.

Bouncing Mat

Always keep in mind to check the quality and durability of the jumping zone. Most of the mats are 1 inch thick and padded with a waterproof texture. You will not have any issues cleaning up waterproof trampoline mats.

Make sure that their surface would be non-slippery and sweatproof so you will enjoy a better jumping experience on a trampoline.

Weight Capacity

For any size or form, the weight limit is a significant factor. The weight cap rules laid down by the trampoline corporation should be respected. 

The best trampolines in my view are those that will fit the whole family with the maximum weight restrictions possible. For instance, the highest rectangular weight limit we’ve checked is the happy one which has a weight limit of 600 pounds.

If you have only 2 to 3 kids to accommodate on a trampoline, you may choose the trampolines offering lesser weight capacity


In any product, budget is the most essential factor. You have to think about your wallet before jumping on Amazon to buy a trampoline. Rectangle trampolines are mostly expensive than round or oval shaped trampolines due to more space and durability. We have listed the economical and premium options for you. You may choose as per your backyard requirements and budget


Which Is the Best Shape of Trampoline?

Trampolines come in different shapes like round, oval, square and rectangle shapes. If you are looking for the most spacious trampoline, you must consider a rectangular trampoline in your home.

These trampolines are used mostly by people who have a large space in their backyard. If your kids have the ability and passion to do gymnastics, this is a must-buy option for you.

Are rectangular trampolines better?

When it comes to choosing the shape of a trampoline, rectangular trampolines are the best ones due to more space and stability in structure. Rectangular trampolines have more durability and they provide a strong foundation than any other trampoline

Why are rectangular trampolines more expensive?

Rectangular trampolines are considered to be the most expensive option to round and oval shape trampolines. The reason is simple and that is because rectangle trampolines provide more space and more liberty of weight limit. These trampolines are mostly used by multiple kids and people who have the passion for gymnastics.

You may be able to enjoy your flips, somersault and rebounding session on a rectangular trampoline with more convenience and stability

Should you put the trampoline away for winter?

It totally depends upon your trampoline quality and your weather conditions. If you live in a place where there is a high chance of snow and heavy winds, you must bring a waterproof trampoline. A few trampolines also come with a winter cover that will keep them dry and safe from extreme weather

Can you jump on a trampoline while pregnant?

I would not recommend it. You may buy a birthing ball or an exercise ball for pregnancy that will keep you more secure and you will be happier to get in the shape that you require from the time

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