10 Best Trampoline Replacement Mats in 2022 | Reviews | Buying Guide | FAQ’s

Are suffering from a loose trampoline mat? Does your trampoline mat not giving you the best bouncing experience? Is your trampoline mat having a few cracks on its surface?

This is the right time to make a move and get the best trampoline replacement mat in your home. The trampoline mat is the most necessary component in the trampoline. You may use a trampoline without its legs as Inground trampolines are booming the market nowadays.

You may also use a few alternatives of safety net and springs but the trampoline mat has no other alternative. You have to change it with time because if it gets old and loose, it gets risky to jump on as it will not provide you with the anti-shock feature now.

Replacing your trampoline requires much attention including measurements of the exact size of the trampoline, fixing it with a spring tool and make it intact to get a durable jumping surface to jump on.

Picking up the right trampoline replacement mat is not so easy as it looks. We have looked around all the options available in the market to choose the 10 best trampoline replacement mats for you that will take your trampoline jumping experience to the next level

Our Pick: 10 Best Trampoline Replacement Mats


Image Product Details   Price
Skywalker Trampolines Round Jump Mat Skywalker Trampolines Round Jump Mat Available in 12 and 15 ft with UV protective surface and compatible for all skywalker trampolines with one year warranty View on Amazon
SkyBound Replacement Trampoline Mat SkyBound Replacement Trampoline Mat 14Ft A complete trampoline replacement package including 14 ft mat with 72 springs rings compatibility and you will love to have a T-hook spring tool. View On Amazon
Replacement Trampoline Mats Fits Trampoline Replacement Mat Compatible for 14ft trampolines and there are 72 rings with trampoline and 6 months limited warranty View On Amazon
15' Round Trampoline Mat Replacement with 96 Rings Lashop 15′ Round Trampoline Mat Replacement with 96 Rings Best trampoline mat for 15 Ft round trampolines and comes with 96 spring rings View On Amazon
JumpKing Surface for 14' Trampolines JumpKing Surface for 14′ Trampolines with 72 V-Rings UV- protected PE trampoline round mat surface with 72 V-shape rings compatible for straight or V-shaped springs View On Amazon
Bounce Pro Trampoline Mat Bounce Pro Trampoline Mat for 14′ 14 Ft trampoline mat with 72 springs rings and compatible for small size 5.5-inch springs. View On Amazon
Upper Bounce Replacement Jumping Mat Upper Bounce Replacement Jumping Mat A budget package compatible for all trampolines especially for the upper bounce and comes with 72 spring V-shaped rings using 5.5” springs View On Amazon
JumpTastic Trampoline Mat JumpTastic Trampoline Replacement Mat Best for relatively large size 15 Ft trampolines with 96 spring rings and compatible for 6.5-inch springs and UV-resistant PP material View On Amazon
Trampoline mat, Non-Slip, Shock Absorption, Noise Prevention Honsan Mini Trampoline mat 47.2” round mini trampoline mat comes with a non-slip surface with thick padding on its surface. View On Amazon
SkyBound Replacement Trampoline Mat, Fits 15ft.j SkyBound Replacement 15 Ft Trampoline Mat 15ft trampoline mat with 96 spring rings to make it bouncier and supports up to 7 inches of springs View On Amazon

1. Skywalker Trampolines Round Jump Mat

Skywalker Trampolines Round Jump MatView on Amazon

You might be wondering that why Skywalker is the best brand for trampolines in each category. You might have gone through with research on the internet and you found Skywalker to be the best trampoline brand.

Like their durable trampolines, they are also making the best trampoline replacement mat for every Skywalker trampoline model. You will not have to buy an extra mat from other brands when they provide you with the exact size trampoline replacement mat.

This mat comes with a unique non-slip surface with UV-protected PP material which provides its durability for the lifetime.

You will not have to worry about getting slipped on the trampoline as its surface is made with anti-shock material which can bear up to 300 pounds of weight with safety.

You will get quality galvanized steel V-shaped rings to support your trampoline and designed as per the ASTM standards.

A few users have complained about it being loose when we fit it for the very first time but as it faces 2-3 full sunny days, it gets tight and you will get the best bounce out of it.

  • UV-protected Polypropylenes Material
  • 1-year warranty
  • Compatible for all sky walker trampoline models
  • V-shaped durable springs
  • Loose for a few days
  • No accessories like spring tool in the package

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2. SkyBound Replacement Trampoline Mat 14Ft

SkyBound Replacement Trampoline MatView On Amazon

If you are looking for the best trampoline replacement mat that will fit with each of your trampolines in your own backyard, this Skybound trampoline replacement mat is for you.

This 14 ft round trampoline mat comes with the complete package including V-shaped spring rings, T-hook spring tool if you have lost it.

This trampoline is made for trampolines having 72 springs and you will love to bounce on its non-slip and shockproof mat surface. The skybound trampoline replacement mat comes with the UV-protected trampoline mat.

This trampoline has an extra row of stitching that makes it 100% more durable than an ordinary trampoline mat. Although this trampoline comes with a little expensive option but still it holds the best-seller tag on Amazon.

  • Durable V-rings
  • 72 springs compatibility
  • Extra rows of stitching for extra durability
  • A little expensive
  • Fits only 5.5” springs

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3. Fits Trampoline Replacement Mat

Replacement Trampoline MatsView On Amazon

Another 14 ft trampoline replacement but this time we are providing you with a budget option. This trampoline comes with a total dimension of 147” with the compatibility of springs up to 7” mean you can anchor it with any trampoline.

Remember to take the exact measurements of your trampoline and then send the instructions to the seller and they will provide you with the best option trampoline mat that will fit with your trampoline.

The most significant figure of this trampoline is its waterproof surface. You will not have to worry about getting it clean. You may disassemble it easily and store it in a dry place during heavy snow or rainy season.

The only issues with these 14 ft trampolines mat that they provide only 72 spring rings which are not enough for the trampoline’s brands like Zupapa and Excame.

  • Budget-Friendly
  • Compatible for springs up to 7”
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Waterproof
  • Only 72 spring rings

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4. Lashop 15′ Round Trampoline Mat Replacement

15' Round Trampoline Mat Replacement with 96 RingsView On Amazon

The most durable trampoline replacement mat in our guide. This non-slip and relatively rough surface trampoline mat comes with all the features which should be on a trampoline.

You will get a well-stitched trampoline and you will love to see 10 times more stitching rows in the mat which makes it long-lasting than any other trampoline mat.

It comes with a large 15 ft trampoline with 96 springs V-shaped rings which makes it the best trampoline replacement mat for large size trampolines and due to 96 springs, it makes it the most bouncier trampoline mat.

  • 96 spring rings
  • 15 ft trampoline mat
  • Premium extra rows in stitching
  • Steel rings with powder coating to make them rust-resistant
  • Expensive option
  • no size variations

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5. JumpKing Surface for 14′ Trampolines

JumpKing Surface for 14' TrampolinesView On Amazon

If you are a lover of Jumpking trampolines or you are having a JumpKing trampoline in your backyard, this 14 ft trampoline replacement is for you. The trampoline mat indeed gets dusty and old with time, but you can get this budget-friendly trampoline mat.

This trampoline mat which is specially designed for gymnastic moves come with Polyethylene material but do not worry, it will not get sticky in the summers as it is protected from the UV rays coming from the sun.

This lightweight trampoline mat is a reliable option as it is compatible with every 14 ft trampoline with 72 spring rings.

There are not any extra accessories with this trampoline as they do not provide any T-hook spring tool and you will have to buy one for yourself.

  • 72 spring rings
  • Best for gymnastic moves
  • Compatible for springs up to 7 inches
  • Only 72 spring rings

  • Less stitching rows

6. Bounce Pro Trampoline Mat for 14′

Bounce Pro Trampoline MatView On Amazon

Relatively big size trampoline mat but with only 5.5 inches springs compatibility which makes it the best trampoline mat for bounce pro and skywalker trampolines. Make sure that you have taken the exact dimensions of your trampoline because it comes with a 150” mat which is 3 inches more than an ordinary 14 ft trampoline.

As you know, in these trampoline mat packages, do not provide you with extra springs, so you must buy the trampoline mat according to the exact size and number of springs.

There is a spring tool that is made with stainless steel and has a rubber grip to use it smoothly without hurting your hands.

  • Free Spring Tool
  • Reliable waterproof mat
  • Made in the USA
  • Expensive Trampoline Mat
  • Only suitable for 5.5 inches springs

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7. Upper Bounce Replacement Jumping Mat

Upper Bounce Replacement Jumping MatView On Amazon

Upper Bounce is a well-known trampoline brand but their worst thing is that they go out of stock for months. Their trampolines are always a special edition in your backyard and your kids love to enjoy on its extra bounce surface.

Sadly, if your trampoline mat is getting loose or there are cracks in it, you have to replace it with a new one and Upper Bounce has got yourself back as they are also providing you with a trampoline replacement mat.

This is suitable for middle-sized trampolines that are about 11-12 ft in diameter and come with 72 V-shaped rings, which are quite more than enough in 12 Ft trampolines.

You will get a PP material trampoline mat and it comes with the 8 rows of stitching that makes it durable for its lifetime.

Although it comes in budget range they do not have compromised on quality. They are also offering you on year warranty to build your trust in this product.

  • 72 V-shaped rings in 11 ft trampoline
  • Extra rows of stitching
  • One year warranty
  • Water and dust-resistant
  • Small size
  • Suitable Spring size is less

8. JumpTastic Trampoline Replacement Mat

JumpTastic Trampoline MatView On Amazon

If you have tired of relying upon the same trampoline mat and you want to have some unique design in your trampoline mat, this 15ft trampoline mat comes with a two-colour contrast.

There is a yellow colour on its boundaries which gives it an aesthetic look. Do not worry about its built quality as it will provide you UV-resistant polypropylene material surface which will provide you shockproof and waterproof jumping mat.

It does not give you the size options. However, you may anchor up to 6.5 inches of springs with it. It comes as a set of three mean you will get a trampoline mat, a T-hook spring tool with a rubber handle and a pair of gloves to fix it.

  • 6.5 inches springs compatibility
  • Thicker spring rings
  • Set of 3 in this package
  • Beautiful design
  • Less stitching rows
  • No size variations

9. Honsan Mini Trampoline mat

Trampoline mat, Non-Slip, Shock Absorption, Noise PreventionView On Amazon

Mini trampolines are one of the most important products in your kids playing area. These mini trampolines usually come with low height and more safety for teenagers.

There are a few mini trampolines with more weight capacity which we can use for rebounding sessions and it helps a lot in weight loss sessions.

This trampoline mat comes in only 47.2 inches which are around 4 ft in diameter. This indoor trampoline mat is a budget option and with its waterproof surface,

Many indoor mini trampolines hurt your families’ ears by unpleasant sound, this tight trampoline surface will provide your kid’s noiseless jumping experience.

  • Best for mini trampolines
  • Shockproof mat
  • Noiseless jumping mat
  • No size variations

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10. SkyBound Replacement 15 Ft Trampoline Mat

SkyBound Replacement Trampoline Mat, Fits 15ft.jView On Amazon

Another Skybound Trampoline mat but this time with more spring size compatibility up to 7 inches. This best trampoline replacement mat has the same features as its base variants do but it provides you thicker spring rings to provide you more durability.

Obviously, with more size, there comes more pricing but do not worry as there is a little price difference but you get 96 spring rings which will perfectly fit for 15 ft trampolines.

You will not have to worry about its getting loose early as they provide you one year warranty and extra rows of stitching will keep it tight for the years.

  • 96 spring rings
  • Best trampoline replacement mat in 15 ft category
  • Thick spring rings to hold springs up to 7 inches
  • Extra rows of stitching
  • One year warranty
  • Colour contrast is not attractive

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Buying Guide for the Best Trampoline Replacement Mat

Size of the Previous Mat

This is the most essential thing you should consider when you are buying the trampoline replacement mat. You have to take a measurement tape and start from one edge of the trampoline.

Make sure that you are going in a straight direction and there are no curves in between. Go forward until you meet with the other edge and note down its exact diameter. When you instruct the trampolines’ buyer, always remember to send them both inside and outside the trampoline mat and frame measurements.

Make sure you buy from a trusted online platform like Amazon so you will get a replacement mat in case of size issues or you can also take a 100% refund if you do not like it.

Weather Condition

Make sure that you are instructing them on the exact climate conditions of your area when you are choosing the best trampoline replacement mat for the outdoor backyard.

Your weather has a great impact on your trampoline mat and maybe that is the reason, your old one got loose or cracked with time. If you are living in a normal climate, you may get an ordinary trampoline but if you are living in an area where snow and the rainy season is normal, you should go for a reliable option. Always make sure that it will be safe to use.

Rows of Stitching

Rows of stitching add durability to your trampoline frame. A more number of rows on the trampoline will give you a more durable trampoline. One thing you should check that the quality of the stitching should be best.

It should be nicely woven and there should not be a rough thread on its surface. There should not be any stitching area in the middle part of the trampoline mat as it will provide less bounce due to the thread in the middle portion.

Number of Spring Rings

Several spring rings usually depend upon the size of the trampoline but most of the large size trampolines also rely on just 72 springs including skywalker.

More number springs result in bouncier trampoline jumping surface and vice versa. Remember to check the quality of V-rings too. They should be extra thick to bear the load of kids and rebounding exercises on the trampoline.

Small size rings will eventually get loose with time and they will not bear the weight of high jumps.


How long do trampoline mats last?

5-8 Years

Trampoline mats usually have less time span than the trampoline frame. It gets dusty and worn out with time. You should replace a trampoline with the time, to get the best bounce experience.

How do I make my trampoline more bouncy?

Trampoline’s mat can be made more bouncy with the more number springs. Most people use springs in a V-shaped direction to make them more intact and you will get more kinetic energy to get more bounce trampoline mat.

Will jumping on a wet trampoline ruin it?

Jumping on a wet trampoline makes it damage with time but if your trampoline mat has come with a waterproof surface, you will not face any issue with its built quality.

Bottom Line

A quality replacement mat is the main component of the trampoline mat. Now, you might have chosen the best trampoline replacement mat as per our review and buying guide.

You should always keep your trampoline mat clean as it will go for a long time with you. Do not invest in loose mats or springs as they will get you in a trouble during high jumps. Always use the safety equipment with your trampoline.

Use a knee pad and bounce board to protect your feet and knees from shock in case of gymnastics moves on a trampoline.

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