12 Cool Trampoline Tricks to Impress Your Friends in 2022

Whenever I start writing an article about Trampolines, I usually remember my childhood long sessions of trampoline parks. Jumping and trying different cool trampoline tricks was my favourite hobby at that time.

Trampolines are the need of every backyard and it is one of the healthiest fun activity for your kids. Having a trampoline simple means that you are bounding your kids to focus on their health rather than sticking to video games every time. I am not saying that E-gaming is bad, many kids are making a career in it but excess of everything is bad.

When it comes to the cool trampoline tricks to impress your friends, you will need to focus on different trampoline tricks. Depending upon your age and workout needs, you may try a few trampoline tricks that will stand out in the crowd.

You may do gymnastic moves, rebounding sessions, cardio exercises and weight loss workouts at home with this multipurpose jumping product. If you have anchored a trampoline for the very first time in your backyard or indoor playing area, you have to keep safety as your priority.

Always use a safety net and strong frame poles in your trampolines when you anchor your trampoline. Never compromise on your kid’s safety due to hundreds of thousands of cases that have been reporting each year due to trampoline.

We have divided this cool trampoline tricks guide into different sections depending upon your needs and workout necessity. If you have just started trampoline moves in your home, start with the beginner level cool trampoline tricks and then move on to the intermediate and advanced level as you gain strength.

Cool Trampoline Tricks for Beginners

1. Double Bounce

This is a multi-person cool trampoline trick that will be the first easy move on your trampoline. You will need a friend of yours to support you in this trampoline exercise.

How to do Double Bounce on Trampoline?

  • Set yourself on the centre of the trampoline and ask your friends to be on side
  • If you are two people, you both do regular jumps or if you are three people, make sure that the other two will jump and you will be at the centre
  • When the other jumper will land, they will land a second before you
  • Now, the other person will put extra weight on the trampoline pad
  • When you will land, you will go higher due to an extra force created by another fellow

Note: Remember that this cool trampoline trick may cost you an injury. Always try this when you have a safety net because a high jump can cause you a knee or back injury.

2. Back Drop

how to do back drop on trampoline

This is the next cool trampoline trick for beginners on our list. This exercise will focus on building strong lower back and abs muscles.

How to do Back Drop on Trampoline?

  • Stand straight on a trampoline
  • Do a small jump on the trampoline
  • Now, take another jump and this time instead of getting back on your feet, drop your back
  • You will go back with the bounce from the mat

Note: If you are suffering from lower back pain or you have issues in your core muscles, do not try this exercise without a safety belt

3. Knee Drop

how to do knee drop on trampoline

This is the same exercise as you do with your back. This time, you will engage your knee muscles and I will recommend you to use a knee pad for more safety.

How to do Knee Drop on Trampoline?

  • Start with standing straight on a trampoline
  • Take a jump and instead of landing on your feet, land on your knees
  • Get back to the standing position with the pressure exerted from the mat.

Cool Trampoline Tricks for Intermediate

4. Jumping Spin

The next cool trampoline trick is the Jumping spin. As we are going in the trampoline tricks for the intermediate circle, I suppose that you have gained adequate strength for your muscles.

How to do 180 Degrees Spin on a Trampoline?

  • Stand straight on a trampoline and warm up your body with a small jump
  • Now, take a strong jump and twist your body for 180 degrees
  • Land back to your feet to complete a spin
  • Try again and again till you do it perfectly

5. Pike Jump

Pike jump is an intermediate level cool trampoline trick because it engages your core muscles and hit your lower abs muscles.

How to do Pike Jump on a Trampoline?

  • Start by standing on a trampoline
  • Jump in the air and raise your legs as you do in lower abs exercise
  • Land on your feet and do it again
  • Mae sure that you raise your legs at 90 degrees

6. Front Drop

This exercise is quite difficult as it directly engages your chest area which is too sensitive for shock. Always use safety measures and only try this cool trampoline trick if you have sufficient strength.

How to do Front Drop on a Trampoline?

  • Stand straight on a trampoline
  • Jump higher on the trampoline and land on your chest
  • Land completely on your front part of the body
  • Go back to the standing position again and repeat this move.

Advanced Trampoline Tricks

7. Standing Somersault (Flips)

This is an advanced level trampoline move that usually takes a lot of strength in your body. You have to be pretty sure to use a safety net with your trampoline to keep you safe against unexpected injuries.

How to do Somersault on a Trampoline?

  • Start with practising a few knee drops
  • Now, do a knee drop and do a flip
  • Now, do a standing flip and rotate your body and land on the ground
  • As you get advance, you can try doing a complete flip and land on your feet.

8. Back Handsprings

This is quite a challenging trampoline move in an advanced trampoline tricks circuit. You will need great strength and talent in doing back handsprings.

How to do Back Handsprings on a Trampoline?

  • Stand still and raise your hands high
  • Now, do a jump and raise your legs to perform a reverse flip
  • At the start, you will land on your knee or chest
  • As you get advance, try to land on your feet to perform a perfect somersault

9. Cody

how to cody on trampoline

This is quite a new cool trick in the trampoline world. This is one of the cool trampoline tricks to add to your advanced trampoline tricks cycle. You will need to have great strength to perform this unique trampoline move. This is a three-way exercise that is a combination of front and backdrops.

How to do Cody on a Trampoline?

  • Start by doing a simple backdrop and rotate your body to perform a reverse flip
  • Now, instead of standing, perform this move, again and again, depending upon your strength
  • You can also try a few variations like you may do a high jump and a flip in the air before landing on the ground for reverse flip

Trampoline Rebounding Moves

10. Jumping Jacks

This is the first rebounding exercise for you. This simple but effective trampoline move will engage your full body and will help you in removing extra fat from your body. A five-minute jumping jack session will able you to remove more fat than 15 minutes on jogging/cycling.

How to do Jumping Jacks on a Trampoline?

  • Stand and make your legs wide
  • Now raise your hands and perform a jump
  • When you go high, wide your legs and hands
  • Return back to the starting position to complete a rep
  • Do at least 2 minutes of jumping jacks’ session

11. Trampoline Push Ups Plank and Swing

          trampoline push up

This exercise is quite similar to your push-ups. You will not have to worry about pushing your body up as a trampoline will do it for you. It can also be a perfect push up assist partner for you.

How to do Trampoline Push Ups Plank and swing on a Trampoline?

  • Come in a push-up position and remember to keep your back straight
  • Now with your hands, induce a bounce in the trampoline
  • Go as deep as you can and the trampoline will exert a force to get you back
  • Perform 10 push-ups and a 1-minute push-up position swing and plan a session

12. Side Plank on a Trampoline

side plank trampoline

Side planks are the common exercise in abs routine and it helps you in building your love handles. Side plank on the trampoline will require more stability and it will affect your body more than a usual side plank.

How to do Side Plank on Trampoline/Rebounder?

  • Stand by lie on a trampoline
  • Come inside position and with one hand make a side plank
  • Hold for 30 seconds
  • Perform 3 sets of 30 seconds plank and remember to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth between the set

Bottom Line

Trampolines have hundred of cool trampolines tricks that will surely impress your friends. We have listed the most effective ones that will give you and your kids’ strength to enjoy every necessary trampoline moves.

Only one request from our side that please keep your safety as the first priority. No trampoline is safe without a safety net and safety poles for your kids. If you are using it for a rebounding session, make sure that you use an adjustable handrail with your trampoline to support against a tough rebounding session.

Alway clean your trampoline before using it as pebbles on it can cause injuries too.

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