12 Fun Games To Play On The Trampoline By Yourself

Remember your old trampolines fun days and it’s the right time to teach your kids exciting and fun games to play on the trampoline by yourself. With the time span, the trampolines world has seen a revolution in their assembly, safety and quality.

Most people like to have mini trampolines in their home as they are easy to carry anywhere plus you will not have to spend extra money. If you have a decent budget and space in your backyard, the large size round or rectangular trampolines will be suitable for you.

There was a time when there were serious safety concerns of the parents towards trampolines but due to addition of a few features like safety nets, springs padded cover and handrails have added joy in the trampolines.

For you, trampolines might be a source of rebounding and cardio exercises but for your kids, it’s the best entertainment and fun platform that they love to jump and spend hours of their leisure time there.

If you ask me, I will recommend a trampoline to your backyard for multiple reasons. As your kids come in the growing age, you will have to assemble fun and health-loving equipment at your home to get them engaged in the trampolines.

It does not matter of the age; you can try trampolines games at any age whether you are adults or a kids. If you want to research the fun games you can play on the trampoline by yourself, we have listed a few of the best which you can try.

1. Hopper Ball

Trampolines are not only for jumping, they provide you with plenty of fun games you can play on the trampoline by yourself and Hopper Ball is one of them. All you need is to order a hooper ball and get engaged with your kids on the trampoline. It will add up an extra level of bounce in the trampoline and with your kids standing at the edges of the trampoline forming a circle, it will not hurt them.

2. Dance on the Trampoline

dance on trampoline

This is one of the best trampoline games and fun activities. You can lose your calories with the fun on the trampoline. If you want to get out of anxiety and depression, dance is one of the essential moves recommended by most doctors. When you and your kids dance together, it creates a healthy environment for you and your kids.

3. Jump Rope

This is another one of the best games you can play on the trampoline by yourself as it is not only for kids. Jump rope is a healthy cardio workout at your home and if you want to do jump rope exercise on the trampoline, of course, a rope is necessary but you will feel that your body is engaging 3x more than doing jump rope exercise on the floor. Trampolines provide more range of motion and as you stabilize your body with the jump, it burns more calories resulting in helping you in weight loss routines.

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4. Basketball

basketball on trampoline

Basketball hoops are one of the most common accessories that come with large size trampolines. Playing basketball on trampolines is the all-time favourite trampoline game for your kids and as they get involved in it, they learn to pot the ball into the net. You can also play basketball on the trampoline and teach your kids the right way to play this game.

Create a healthy competition between your kids that whoever will dunk more balls will win for sure.

5. Hit to the Ball

hit to the ball on trampoline

This is exactly like a dodge ball but you will not have the risk of getting injured. Get a few sets of balls and put them at the centre of your trampoline and start bouncing on the trampoline. The ultimate goal is to keep yourself away from the balls and if you hit the ball, your turn will end.

6. Kickboxing

kickboxing on trampoline

Do you like kickboxing at your home gym? What if you do kickboxing with more range of motion to train your body for unsupported circumstances? Trampolines will provide you with a great room to enjoy your best kickboxing moves and you will have to be more stable during your training.

7. Twist Your Body

trampoline twist

This is a basic game that you can play on your trampoline as there is no rocket science in it. All you have to do is to start with a basic jump and when you land, exert a force on your trampoline with your feet to get an extra bounce. Now, rotate your body to complete a twist and land safely on the trampoline. You can this game even more competitive as you can note the number of reps of this game.

8. Make a Ladder

This is quite a common game and it is suitable for both kids and adults. When we try it in trampolines, we always make sure to modify things up and make them more fun.

All you have to do is to arrange all your partners in the line. Now, the first person will go to the centre and perform a trampoline trick. The second person has to perform that trick too and add one more and the same third one will come and perform the first two and add one more and so the cycle continues till someone losses up or forget a move.

9. Make a Trampoline Castle

Castles are mostly related to the bounce houses but you can easily get a few clothes and make a funny castle in your trampoline. Though this game is for kids, you can also contribute to add joy to their games.

10. Badminton

Playing badminton on the trampolines can be a risky game. If you have a decent size rectangular trampoline in your home, you will love to add this game to your list of “best fun games to play on the trampoline by yourself”. You will be able to learn more badminton tricks and with a trampoline, you will feel more difficulty instability that will teach you to play in harsh circumstances.

11. Flips

trampoline skull injuries
source: justinforjustice

Flips are mostly related to the mini trampolines and it is one of the most loved trampoline games by adults. If you have a large size trampoline, you are on the safer side. You can easily jump in the air, rotate your body for a flip and land safely.

If you have a mini trampoline, you will start from the ground and run towards the trampoline, take a decent bounce and rotate your body to complete a flip with a safe landing.

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12. Cardio and Yoga Exercises

trampoline push up

This is not exactly a trampoline game but if you are a fitness lover, cardio moves on trampolines will help you a lot in getting rid of extra calories from your body and getting yourself in the best shape which you wanted from the time.

You may do push-ups, trampoline planks, jumping jacks, flips, squats, jump squats and other cardio moves on the trampolines. A survey has shown that if you spend 20 minutes on the trampoline for cardio, it will burn calories equal to 60 minutes of running or jogging.

Bottom Line

These were the best fun games that you can play with the trampoline by yourself. If you have a few more games in mind, you may share them in the comments to add value to our guide.

Always keep yourself and your kids safe during trampoline activities. In the modern world, trampolines have travelled too much from a risky product to a safer bouncing product due to the addition of safety nets, padded cushions and strong frames.

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