How Much Does A Big Trampoline Cost?| 2022

Being a parent comes with the biggest responsibilities and you might have to look for a few healthy options for your kids. Trampolines are one of the best backyard equipment that will help your kids in healthy growth. It not only boosts their muscles growth but also helps them in having an efficient nervous system.

If you have made your mind to buy a trampoline for your kids, it’s time to choose a trampoline. There are varieties of trampolines in the market with variations including shape, size, safety features and weight capacity.

Depending upon your kid’s age, you may choose a trampoline for your backyard. Usually, a big trampoline is considered to be the best trampoline option for your backyard as they come with a lot of safety options like a safety net, safe entrance and with its large jumping area, your kids will enjoy their favourite jumping games on it.

Now, the question is “how much does a big trampoline cost?”. There is not any fixed amount of cost included in the trampolines as the big trampolines have a lot of features.

What is the size range of Big Trampolines?

If we classify big trampolines further, their range starts from 12 Ft and goes up to 16ft. These trampolines are easily available in the market in the different price range. We will discuss their average price with the quality and standards of the construction.

How much does a 12 Ft Trampoline Cost?

Average Price = $400

12 ft trampolines are the best options for small space backyards. These are usually considered to be the budget option in the trampoline’s world. Despite its average price, Merax Trampoline comes in the $400 while the same size 12 ft trampoline by ORCC comes in more than $450 due to its sturdier frame.

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How much does a 15 Ft Trampoline Cost?

Average Price = $600

It is true that 15 ft trampolines will hurt your pocket too much but they will provide your kid’s safety and extra-large room for trampoline tricks and exercises. These 15 ft trampolines are mostly used as family trampolines. You can arrange your kids’ parties by arranging a few lights on its poles. You may also use it for gymnastic moves and rebounding exercises.

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How Much Does a Spring Free Trampoline Cost?

Average Price = $2300

In big trampolines, spring Free Trampolines are the modern technology and they are considered to be the safest option as they do not use that springs which can give you an injury. There is only a single brand “Springfree trampoline” in the market that is selling these trampolines.

They use elastic rods instead of springs to produce a bounce in the frame. There are two layers in this trampoline. The main trampoline mat surface is free of springs and there are rods connected to the lower surface to produce a bounce in the trampoline.

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How much does a rectangle Trampoline Cost?

Average Price = $850

Rectangle trampolines have also a lot of variations including size, mat quality and trampoline accessories. You can easily get a rectangle trampoline for 800 dollars. They are mostly for the kids and adults who are interested in gymnastics as it provides a large room for gymnastic moves.

I will prefer this trampoline as they provide more space at a decent price and most importantly, they are safe for flips and dual bounce exercises due to high-quality safety net

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What to look at before buying a Trampoline?

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Safety
  • Frame Material
  • Joint quality
  • Trampoline Mat texture
  • Springs cover foam density
  • Safety net quality
  • Trampoline accessories


Why are trampolines so expensive?

Trampolines are so expensive due to their safety features. There was a time when there were around one lakh injuries reporting each year due to trampolines but with the modern safety measures, the number has reduced too much. You may also buy the cheaper trampolines but sure they will be very dangerous for your kid’s safety.

What shape trampoline is the best?

Usually, rectangle trampolines are supposed to be the best option as they provide large jumping area rather than round or oval trampolines. The only negative thing about these rectangle trampolines, that they come at an expensive price but surely, they will worth the price due to their durable structure

Bottom Line

Budget matters a lot in buying any equipment. All the people want to spend each buck at the right place and so you too. Do not rush into the cheaper options in the trampolines as a lot of brands are selling big trampolines. You should always go for safer and more durable options.

I will recommend you choose the trampolines with a safety enclosure net to protect your kids from falling off the trampolines. Make sure that you are anchoring the trampolines correctly so they will not go away during harsh weather.

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