How To Anchor A Trampoline Easily in 2022

Trampolines are always the special backyard product whether you want to make a play area for your kids in the backyard or you want to enjoy a quick rebounding or gymnastic training session.

Most people are worried that how to anchor a trampoline. This is the most common question asked in various comment sections and forums. We have brought an ultimate guide for you to anchor a trampoline in your backyard.

Depending on people’s needs, we have divided this guide into a few typical steps. You will have complete knowledge of whether you want to anchor this trampoline on the ground, concrete floor or indoor tiles.

Jumping on a trampoline is always one of the risky backyard activities. Proper anchor and safety features will enable you to enjoy your favourite trampoline moves with extra safety and durability.

If you live in an area where there is no chance of high winds and extreme weather, you do not need to anchor a trampoline. It does not matter how much your trampoline weighs, when the strong wind will hit, it will eventually lift off from the ground.

All the outdoor trampolines need to be anchored before use. There are two types of anchoring methods that are common and both are the correct methods. Most people go for anchoring kits as they are an easy method.

You need to have anchoring kits of that specific brand to anchor your trampoline. The other method is wind stakes which are buried into the ground and aggregate or cement are poured into it to make it a rigid structure. The second method takes a lot of time but these wind stakes methods may be used for every trampoline.

Equipment Needed to Anchor a Trampoline

Anchoring Kits

Anchoring kits come with different variations by different brands. If you want to anchor a trampoline in a few hours, this is the perfect working method for you. These anchor kits come in two shapes which we have discussed earlier. You may have the liberty to buy the wind stakes or Auger Style Anchor Kit.

Best Auger Style Anchor Kits

JumpSport Heavy Duty Trampoline Anchor Safety Kit

jumpsports heavy duty anchoring kit

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This multitools anchor kit is produced by Jumpsport who is a famous brand when it comes to buying the best trampolines for the backyard. They have a variety of indoor/outdoor trampolines and you may choose one of them.

This anchor kit comes with 4 strong corkscrews which will help you to stake the trampoline legs deep into the ground. This multi-loaded trampoline kit comes at a budget-friendly price and it also features 4 tie-down straps. It is a multipurpose anchor kit. Though anchor kits are mostly used by similar brands, you may carry this anchor kit with other brands too.

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TRISOMY Trampoline Stakes Heavy Duty

Trisomy anchoring kit

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This heavy-duty trampoline auger anchor kit by Trisomy is quite similar to the Jumpsport but it comes as the most budget option. This set of trampoline assembly tools come with 4 black steel corkscrews and 4 ties down stakes to make your trampoline assembly easier.

This kit will help you in extreme weather and windy conditions. The galvanized steel material will help to resist it against any harsh environment and it will not pull off easily.

Best U-Shaped Wind Stakes Anchor Kits

Uniprime Trampoline Stakes

uniprime trampoline stakes

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This trampoline wind stakes anchor kit comes in U shape. This kit by Uniprime comes in less than 15$ and you won’t have to spend a lot in assembling a trampoline. This anchoring kit will equally helpful for camping tents, trampolines and soccer goals.

This kit comes in 4 U-shaped large wind stakes to protect your trampoline from getting off the ground. The most significant part of these trampolines’ wind stakes is they can be used for any trampoline brand and you won’t have to buy the different anchoring kits for different trampolines.

How to Anchor a Trampoline by Anchoring Kits?

Most of the backyards are usually grassy areas and these anchoring kits are designed for them. There are a few safety precautions too. If you will anchor a trampoline on a concrete floor, there will be a few safety issues that you cannot bear.

If you anchor a trampoline on concrete grounds, it will eventually lift up during strong winds and you have to anchor it up in a grassy area or a dirt area.

You will need a few basic types of equipment before anchoring a trampoline-like a hammer, screwdriver and nozzle and you are ready to assemble a trampoline in your backyard.

How to Anchor a Trampoline with Auger-Shaped Anchoring Kit

Auger shaped anchor kits as described earlier comes with screws and lie down anchors. You may twist them by hand like you open up a screw. This anchor kit comes with an anchoring strap that will help you to attach the frame to the trampoline. This anchoring method usually requires more effort and time and you have to arrange different anchoring kits for different brands.

  • First of all, measure your trampoline frame and mark accordingly. Mark each leg of the trampoline and do not leave any of the leg foundations. Make sure your mark will be around 350mm out from the inner part of the leg pole.
  • Now, using a sledgehammer, drive down it in the ground. You will have to put it deep into the ground till only 6cm will be visible from the ground.
  • Now, put the yellow cap and put the anchor straps around your trampoline frame.
  • Make sure your springs are attached correctly with the anchor straps for safety
  • Now, take the hook end of your frame and put it in the trampoline frame
  • Repeat the process for the whole frame
  • Make sure that you tight the ratchet until it will produce a good tension force.

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How to Anchor a Trampoline with U-Shaped Anchoring Kit

These trampoline anchor kits come in a U-shaped anchor screw. I personally recommend this due to its easy assembly. You will not have to twist screws into the frame. All you need is a hammer and you are ready to put it deeply in the ground.

Most people are worried that how to anchor trampoline on concrete floors, so this is the recommended method for them as you may also drill two holes in concrete grounds and easily put these U-shaped screws with a hammer in them.

  • Get a U-shaped anchoring kit by Skywalker or Uniprime
  • Catch a hammer and drive down the hammer into the ground
  • Make sure wind stakes would be on the centre and they should be equally distinct from each other to provide more durability and stability to the frame
  • Make sure that it will put deeply into the ground

How to Anchor a Trampoline Desk?

How to anchor trampoline desk

If you have anchored the trampoline foundation with the help of trampoline kits, it’s the right time to move on to the trampoline deck. You will feel safer during heavy winds and extreme weather conditions with this desk.

I know you must be thinking that this trampoline assembly is getting too much cost but relax this is the last thing you have to do before assembling its jumping zone. You have to get a few droppers; you may also buy a few safety caps in order to keep your trampoline deck safer.

Now, take the hammer and drive down the dropper or safety caps into the ground and wrap the ratchet straps till your trampoline frame.

How to Anchor a Trampoline during Hurricane?

How to anchor trampolines in hurricane

This is the most common question asked by most trampoline users each month. First of all, you have to make sure of the intensity of the hurricane. If you think that this hurricane will be of the maximum intensity, do not waste your time to anchor your trampoline for a hurricane, just go and disassemble the trampoline and store it in your home.

If you live in areas where there is a slight chance of a hurricane, then you have to put more concrete on the edges of the anchoring kits. Its anchoring will be safe as for the simple trampoline but you have to do a few extra things. Put some sandbags or a few weights on the trampoline to make it firm on the ground.

Make sure to assemble the trampoline on the ground in this weather. No matter whether its intensity is light or heavy, you have to make sure that the safety net will be out from the trampoline and save it a dry place.

Wrapping Up:

Trampolines assembly in your backyard always takes much space and time. You have to spend a few hours in complete assembly. If you are living in an area with extreme weather conditions, you will have to use anchor kits to save your trampoline against storms, hurricanes or heavy rain seasons.

You may choose any of the methods given earlier in the guide to secure your trampoline. You may go for the economical U-shaped option which is easy to anchor and takes less time. Always remember to anchor the trampoline desk and make sure that your frame is firmly attached to the anchor straps.

Wash your trampoline with time and always consider a water-resistant trampoline which will give you more convenience in washing out your trampoline. Store your safety net in extreme weather conditions and put a rain cover on the jumping mat.

Always be safe in your backyard activities!