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Are you planning to get a trampoline in your backyard? Have you already assembled a trampoline in your backyard? Are you worried that how to clean a trampoline in the rainy and stormy season?

You should consider a few pieces of information before jumping into the blog to know the exact method to clean a trampoline. It is always necessary to take precautionary measures before assembling a trampoline. You must have to acquire a proper place in your backyard.

When it comes to cleaning the trampoline, most people think that we have to clean its jumping mat or safety net area, always keep in mind that you have to keep care of your trampoline frame, springs and foundation poles.

Most of the time, its padded cushion affects very much by the weather due to its fabric quality. Make sure your trampoline rain cover and springs cover should easily disassemble and you do not have to work for hours to assemble it again.

There are multiple brands in the trampoline industry but their cleaning method is almost the same for all. You will not need expensive equipment to clean your trampoline as you needed in the trampoline anchoring.

Before you start washing with water and detergent, remember a few things. You have to divide this cleaning into a few steps. Cleaning the trampoline does not mean that you have to wash its mat only, it also meant taking care of its springs, frame, safety netting and other necessary things.

Right Time to Clean a trampoline

time to clean your trampoline

There is not any hard or fast rule in cleaning the trampoline. If you want to wash your trampoline thoroughly, I will recommend you to go for a sunny day. You will not have to worry to wait for it to get dry with the time. Always buy waterproof mat trampolines which are quite easier to clean than the ones that absorb water on their mats.

Equipment Needed to clean a Trampoline


Cleaning a trampoline is not like cleaning your regular clothes on a washing machine. It requires a few specific types of equipment you should have in your home to clean a trampoline.  A few of them are:

How to Clean a Trampoline? Step-By-Step Guide

Set up your equipment before cleaning your trampoline. Always make sure that you remove all extra accessories like a safety net, basketball hoop and other such things on the trampoline and store them in a dry place.

How to clean your Trampoline Mat?

how to clean trampoline mat

Cleaning of mat comes in a different step. We will start with the cleaning of the mat surface.

Add Detergent

First of all, take a water bucket and fill it with water and make sure water is moderate level warm so it will not your trampoline surface. Now, add 2-3 tablespoons of detergent in it and shake well until a clear solution will be ready to clean your trampoline.


Now there comes the second step in which we will remove all the dirt from the trampoline surface. It is quite common that we see leaves in the autumn on the trampoline surface. Take a sweeping tool and remove all the dust, pebbles and leaves from the trampolines. I will recommend you to pick up the big stones manually instead of sweeping them away as they might affect your mat.

Hosing and Scrubbing

It’s time to jump over to the next step. Sweeping will get rid of extra dirt and pebbles on your mat. Now, you need to have a close look at the trampoline mat and you will see a few bird shits, dry mud and other such things on a mat.

It will be impossible for you to wash it by rinsing it with water. You will need a hosting attachment with your water pipe and you will burst a severe pressure on the damaged area. You can also add washing powder on the trampoline surface and then burst a pressure to clean away all the unnecessary things,

If you think that you have successfully wash all the leftovers with hosing, you make skip scrubbing but generally, it does not happen. Like in the Covid-19 zone, we have to make sure everything germs free. Add a few drops of anti-germs detergent or make any soap water and scrub your mat manually.

If you want to use a brush, make sure it will be softer, otherwise, you will end up damaging your cleaning mat. Do not use chemicals, it will be very harmful and your trampoline bouncing mat will eventually start cracking with time.

Hosing Again

Now, it’s time to take that hosing pipe again and remove all the scrub and soap water from the mat surface. Make sure that there will be no soap left on the surface. After all, this, make sure to dry it with a long towel and leave it under the sun to dry out.

How to clean a Trampoline Safety Net and the Zipper?

how to clean trampoline safety net

After cleaning your trampoline, it’s time for other accessories that come with your trampoline. The safety net is an important thing in the trampoline to save you against undesired injuries. Always make sure that your safety net will be in a good condition and there should not be any hole in it.

Take a sweeping tool and remove all the dirt on the safety netting. Make sure to grease the zipper so it will work well.

How to Clean Springs Cover Cushion?

how to clean trampoline spring cover

Springs padded cover cushion is a very important discovery in the trampolines world as it protects you in landing on springs area. It also provides you with a resting area within a trampoline for the next jumping session.  These pads come with multi foam. Make sure that you remove these pads before washing out your trampoline mat and then assemble it again.

You have to use less detergent and make sure its foam will be placed on the same area and you will not have to bear difficulty in assembling it again.

How to clean your Trampoline’s Frame?

trampoline frame


Now, it’s time to clean the trampoline frame. As for the trampoline tubing and springs, the area is covered with a padded cushion, so there is less chance of them getting dirty. You have to make sure that its legs foundation will be free of dirt. Scratch if there is any chance of rust on it and apply a few rust-resistant resigns on it.

How to Clean your Trampoline’s Springs?

Cleaning your trampoline springs does not mean washing them with water. You may clean your springs after 6 months because they are mostly covered with padded cushion. If there is any need to wash them, make sure that you dry them as early as possible. Apply a rust-resistant coating on it and give it time to dry out completely before assembling the padded cushion again on it.

How to Clean a Trampoline During Winter?

how to clean a trampoline during winter

There are a few trampolines that have a strong frame and mat to leave open in winter but you will have to clean them after a heavy spell of snowfall or wind storm. You should quickly remove the snow from the mat as these mats have low weight capacity and with snow load, there are chances of collapsing.

You may use a soft broom tool which is considered to be the best tool to clear the snow from your jumping mat or swings.

After How much time, should you clean a trampoline?

There is not any hard and fast rule. You may clean it as per your requirements. If you live in a place where wind and snowstorms are regular, you have to clean them each month. If you live in a stable place, you may wash them after every 3 months but you have to sweep them every weekend.

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Wrapping up

As you know that trampolines do not come at affordable prices. They come with a handsome investment and you have to pay too much to assemble a trampoline in your backyard. It is necessary for you to take care of your trampoline and start taking the necessary steps to make it clean.

Cleaning your trampoline does not need your money, it just needs your time and care. If you want to have the safest and healthiest platform for your kids in your backyard, you have to make sure that they will not get hurt by pebbles and stones and clear them regularly.