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Trampolines are considered to be the most favourite backyard fun and healthy product. There are two types of trampolines in the market. It is your own choice and budget which trampoline will be suitable for your place.

Usually, there are springs trampolines in the market due to their budget pricing and ease to disassemble and store in case of harsh weather. If you are worried that how to put springs on a trampoline, do not worry we have got you a cover.

As always, trampolines were our childhood best activity. I used to remember those days of going on a trampoline park and bounce for hours. It is not just a fun activity but it also helps in building strong muscles for your kids.

You will also be able to try your rebounding session on a large size trampoline. Even these backyard trampolines provide more area to work on.

Basically, there are two methods to put springs on a trampoline which we will discuss in this guide. It solely depends upon you.

Methods of Putting Springs on a Trampoline

  • Use of Trampoline spring tool
  • Assembling of Trampoline with trampoline spring tool alternative

Basically, there is not much difference between these two methods. If you will go for a trampoline spring tool, you will be able to assemble a trampoline in your backyard more easily. If you want to stay within the budget, you should surely start using a trampoline spring tool alternative.

How to Put springs on a Trampoline with Trampoline Spring Tool?

It is true that the trampoline springs tool is the need of the trampolines. Most of the trampoline’s manufacturers provide trampoline spring tool with the trampoline to assemble it easily.

This trampoline spring tool comes in a T-shape with a rubber grip so you will not hurt your palm while assembling a trampoline. When you see the trampoline frame, you will see that there are two springs hook, one in the trampoline mat and the other in the tubing area.

It’s true that we can assemble it without the spring tool but you will have to do an extra effort and you need a lot of strength to assemble its last few springs. As you know, that these springs can be damaged and you have to replace them with a new one, that will be a difficult task for you as all the springs will be tight enough to give your room to assemble it easily.

To assemble a trampoline with a trampoline spring tool, first of all, set up your trampoline and align its mat with a helper. Now, take your galvanized springs out of the box and put one hook into the trampoline mat and with the help of your spring tool, stretch it till you put that spring in the frame hole as well.

Remember to use a spring tool with a rubber grip so you will not hurt your hands while assembling it. Another suggestion is to put starting 10 springs manually because it will not take, you’re a lot of effort. Always assemble a trampoline with the help of your friend or family member to make this task easier.

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How to put springs on a trampoline with Trampoline Spring Tool Alternative?

Now, if your trampoline’s brand did not give you a trampoline spring tool in the package or you have lost it and you do not want to invest more to bring a new one, do not worry. We have researched a few trampoline spring tool alternatives that will help you in the long run to assemble the trampoline springs.


This is the first trampoline spring tool alternative and quite an effective tool if you are wondering how to put springs on a trampoline without a spring tool. It will help you to hook the springs in the trampoline frame.

First of all, set trampoline springs into the mat hook and now with the help of a plier, pull it towards your trampoline frame. I know it will take your lot of effort as compared to the trampoline springs tool but eventually, it will get the job done for you.

Screw Driver

This is another trampoline spring tool alternative that will help you to anchor trampoline springs easily. This screwdriver is every home’s essential tool. To assemble your trampoline in your backyard, get a screwdriver and put it in the springs hook to pull it towards the frame.

Put the spring in the frame to assemble it correctly. I will recommend you hold it tightly so you will not get hurt from the screwdriver.

Best Trampoline Springs tool

Trampoline Tools Spring Pull T-Hook

This trampoline T-hook comes with an ergonomic design and strong steel construction. It will help you in assembling your trampoline easily than before. It comes with a rust-resistant coating on its frame and you will find a rubber grip on the top to help you in better grip.

With the budget-friendly, price this trampoline spring tool will not hurt your pocket. Due to its warranty claim, you will not have to worry about getting another trampolines springs tool again in your life.


Does crossing the springs on a trampoline ruin it?

It is true that crossing the springs will provide you with a bouncier experience on the trampoline but it will eventually weaken your trampoline. A few of the trampolines can not be twisted to assemble them in a cross way, they might get broken and it will hurt your trampoline frame as well.

Why is my new trampoline not bouncy?

It is just because of your cracked or broken springs. Pull out the trampoline padded cushion from the springs which are used to protect you against unexpected injuries. Check one by one all the springs till you will see a cracked or broken spring and replace it with an alternative springs kit.

It can also be happened due to your non-quality trampoline frame. Check your trampoline tubing as well as holes in it can cause your trampoline mat to give you less bounce with time.

Bottom Line

Glad that you read our article and you are at the end to seek a final word from us. We have tried to figure out the best possible ways that “how to put springs in trampoline”. Always use a few sunglasses and protective equipment while assembling a trampoline.

I will suggest you keep your kids away during the assembly of the trampoline and focus on your work with the help of one of your friends. You may also browse our website to read a few interesting articles about trampolines and we will love to have feedback on our guide.

Stay Healthy and Blessed!

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