How to Winterize Trampoline in 2022?

Anchoring a trampoline is an easy process due to too many installation guides present on the internet but when winter comes, you may get panic as you might not know how to winterize the trampoline.

There are a lot of guides on the internet to protect your trampoline from extreme weather but if you want a complete guide to know the methods of winterizing your trampoline.

In the USA and UK, trampolines are a summer backyard activity as you will see a huge snowfall in winter. It is impossible to jump on the trampolines during winter, so you will need to winterize your trampoline to keep it safe to be usable for the next season.

Actually, winterization is the process in which we prepare any equipment or tool for the harsh weather mostly in the areas where we have to survive in heavy snow and winds.

There are a few steps that you should follow to winterize your trampoline.

Remove Safety Net

how to clean trampoline safety net

When you have made up your mind to winterize your trampoline, the first step is to remove the safety net from the trampoline. Make sure that the zipper entry is closed, and that you are wrapping up a safety net from the trampoline poles without damaging it.

Now, fold it in a manner that it does not get rounded into each other and store it in a dry place.

Remove Safety Foam Padding


It is safe to use foam padding around springs and safety poles to avoid any unexpected injury during landing. You must carefully remove these safety foam padding and wrap them to store in a dry place. Make sure that no humid air comes to your store otherwise, this safety foam padding may get.

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Wipe Off Snow and Pebbles

When we anchor a trampoline in the backyard, there are high chances of a few pebbles and snow on the trampoline mat. They should be scratched carefully, and you should avoid any knife that can hurt your trampoline mat.

Installation of Trampoline Cover

how to clean a trampoline during winter

After removing and cleaning your trampoline, it is time to get a trampoline cover and install it on your trampoline. Do not leave any portion of the trampoline bareheaded and install it all over your trampoline springs and mat. Make sure that it covers your trampoline frame as well so it will not get rusted with time.

Safety During jumping

safety risk

On all occasions exercise trampoline safety. Dry damp and dry areas before friends and family members leap. Before springing. To decrease the danger of harm, limit leaping at once on the mat to one person. During usage, have an adult supervising youngster. For children less than 6 years, the American Academy of Crimean Surgeons does not suggest trampoline.

You can make your trampolining safe in winter in the following ways.

Weather Prediction

Weather prediction is important before jumping on the trampoline as rain or snow can cause you major injuries during jumping on a trampoline. Always check the outside temperature before starting to jump on it as in case of cold weather, your trampoline surface can become a rigid surface that causes serious injuries to your knee and ankles.

Supervise Your Children

Do not leave your kids on the trampoline. No matter if you have a safety net or not, always supervise your kids during jumping on a trampoline especially in winter as humidity causes them to slip so they might get a horrible injury.


Can you leave a trampoline out in winter?

You may leave a trampoline out in the winter, but you will have to follow the specific requirements and steps discussed above. Always make sure to use sturdy and durable anchors as in case of high winds, they can blow with the wind.

If you do not want to use a trampoline mat cover, you should buy springless trampolines as they do not use rusty springs. They provide you with jump with rods and UV-resistant mats that will not hurt your trampoline mat in this weather.

Will rain ruin a trampoline?

Actually, rain does not affect trampolines much as most of the modern-day trampolines come with a rust-resistant coating that helps to maintain their frame and springs during the rain but if you have a trampoline cover, that will be an extra benefit for you to increase your trampoline’s life span.

How many years does a trampoline last?

In all, you may expect a three- to eight-year outdoor trampoline on average, which might be higher quality models. The service and maintenance that you use throughout time and the quality of your trampoline are dependent in significant measure on its longevity.

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