10 Best Mini Trampoline Exercises For Seniors in 2022

Mini Trampolines or rebounders are the modern-day need to do exercises and let your kids enjoy fun moves under your supervision. Mini trampoline exercises for seniors (adults) have a wide range and there are hundreds of exercises you may try on a trampoline.

Depending upon your workout need, you may choose a workout cycle. If you want to do cardio or weight loss exercises in the rebounder, believe me, it will burn your calories 300% more than traditional cardio moves or jogging.

You should start with the beginner’s exercises, as you gain strength you may move to their advanced-level exercises. Always use an adjustable handrail with your trampoline to give you more support during high-intensity exercises.

It’s not necessary that you move to advanced-level workouts if you want to lose more inches from your belly. You may increase the number of repetitions in mini trampoline exercises for seniors.

When you choose a mini trampoline, make sure that you choose a trampoline with more weight capacity. The trampolines are equally suitable for kids and adults as they provide you with more strength and stability in your body.

In this guide, we have chosen the best mini trampoline exercises for seniors (adults) which you can try at your home to burn more calories.

Our Pick: Best Mini Trampoline Exercises For Seniors

1. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is our favourite beginner level cardio moves. This exercise engages our core, legs and back muscles and focuses on burning extra fat. In mini trampoline (rebounder) this exercise will provide more strength and will be more effective due to more range of motion through the trampoline bouncing mat.

How to do Jumping Jacks on a Trampoline?

  • Stand on a trampoline, close your feet and make sure that your arms will be parallel to your body
  • Now, jump and take your arms over to your head
  • Wide your feet while landing and jump again to come to the starting position
  • Do this for 2 minutes as a warm-up exercise.

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2. Knee Tuck


This exercise is recommended for the rebounders with the safety net as it requires a high jump. This exercise focuses on your lower abs and you will feel great strength in your leg’s muscles.

How to do Knee Tuck on a Trampoline?

  • Stand on the middle of a trampoline
  • Your mini trampoline should be at least 5 to 6 ft in diameter
  • Jump higher in the air and tuck your knees into your chest or belly area
  • Touch your hands to your toes before you land on the trampoline
  • This is not a beginner move so 3 sets of 15 reps will be more than enough

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3. Trampoline Running

fight against diabetetes trampoline

This mini trampoline exercise for seniors or adults is quite easy to work on. Jogging on a treadmill is an easier approach but if you spend 10 minutes running on a trampoline, it will burn more calories than spending 30 minutes on a treadmill due to a difficult range of motion.

How to do Trampoline Running?

  • Get on to a low-height mini trampoline rebounder
  • Open your arms and start taking steps forward and backwards as you run on a place
  • Do this move for 2 to 3 minutes

4. Twist In – Kill your Love Handles

trampoline twist

Twist your love handles is the next exercise on our mini-trampoline exercises for seniors’ plans. This exercise will focus on removing that extra stubborn fat on your love handles and you will love to have a thin back. It will also help you strengthen the side area of your abdomen and you will be able to burn your extra calories faster than ever.

How to do a Twist-in Exercise on your trampoline?

  • Stand straight on a trampoline and raise your arms straight in the air
  • Now jump and twist your back on one side before you land
  • Repeat this step for alternative sides
  • Perform 3 sets of 20 twists with 30-40 seconds break

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5. One-Leg Raise

This exercise is quite similar in engaging your lower abs and hamstrings muscle as you do in pull-up bar leg raises. It will help you in building your muscles and you will eventually get the strength to try a few advanced trampoline moves on a rebounder.

How to do the One-Leg Raise Exercise on your trampoline?

  • Start with the low jumps to pick up the momentum
  • Now, jump and raise your one leg and try to take it to your chest as close as possible
  • Do the same step with the other leg
  • Remember that your other leg should be on the ground to give you a support
  • You may also use an adjustable handrail for your safety and support
  • Do 20 leg raises with each leg

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6. Squat jumps

trampoline squat jump

Squats and jumps are one of the best exercises for our leg muscles. It will engage your glutes, hamstrings and glutes muscles. Though these squats also put pressure on your butts muscles because of a few errors in the right move.

How to do Squat Jump on a Trampoline?

  • Come in a standing position
  • Now, GO down till your knee will be at 90 degrees
  • When you stand, put pressure on your feet to make a jump
  • Jump high and return to the squat position
  • Remember that your knee will not go ahead of your toes
  • Do 3 sets of 12 reps with 20 seconds break

7. Trampoline Push-Ups

trampoline push up

This exercise is for only low-height mini-trampolines. You may also try this on a large-size trampoline as it is one of the best mini trampoline exercises for seniors. It will engage your chest and core muscles and helps you in engaging your back muscles as well.

How to do trampoline push-ups?

  • Lie with your feet on the ground and your hands should be on your low-height trampoline
  • Perform a push-up and when you go up, push your hands down to create a minor jump to assist you back
  • You can also try clap push-ups with more jumps from the trampoline
  • Do 3 sets of 12 push-ups.

8. Pike Jumps

trampoline pike jump

This is another great exercise but it’s quite a challenging one for beginners. This exercise will test the strength and stability of the muscles. I advise you to follow our beginners level moves before jumping into this.

How to do Rebounder Pike Jumps?

  • Start off with getting your feet firm on the trampoline.
  • Do a moderate-level jump and land on your feet
  • Now, perform more pressure on the trampoline to make a high jump and raise your legs straight till they go to 90 degrees
  • Land safely on your feet
  • Always keep a safety net or safety equipment with your trampolines for any unexpected injury
  • Start off with the 5 pike jumps and you may increase as you gain more strength

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9. Trampoline Ab Rocks

trampoline abs rock

This mini trampoline exercise is your next abs partner. It will help you in getting your abs visible and you will not have to worry about the extra fat on your belly. It is quite similar to the leg raises that we usually do on the yoga mat.

How to do Trampoline ab knee raises?

  • Start off with lying on the trampoline and your legs will be on the ground
  • Raise your complete legs or knee and bring it close to your chest
  • Take it back slowly to complete a rep
  • Perform 20 knee raises on the trampoline

10. Trampoline Glutes Bridge

trampoline glutes bridge

If you are looking for the best mini trampoline exercise for your core and butt muscles, this trampoline glute bridge exercise is for you. It will not only provide strength to your core; it will also help in stabilizing your body for intense abs session.

How to do glutes bridge exercise on a mini trampoline?

  • Lie on your back on a trampoline
  • If you have a smaller trampoline, you may put your feet down on the ground
  • Keep tight your abs as you raise your butts higher to make a bridge
  • Rest on the top for 3 seconds before you land your back on the trampoline
  • Perform 3 sets of 12 reps
  • Remember to inhale and exhale between the reps


Are mini trampolines safe for seniors?

Mini trampolines are considered to be the safest option for seniors if they use some sort of safety equipment. They should always assemble an adjustable handrail on the trampoline. If you want to do high jumps, make sure to use a moderate trampoline or you may also go for a safety net around your trampoline to make your rebounder a safer option for your health

Can you lose belly fat by jumping on a trampoline?


You can lose your belly fat by jumping on a trampoline. Trampoline rebounders are considered to be the most essential cardio and weight loss tool in the USA. It helps you in burning more calories than you burn on a treadmill or any other cardio machine.

Bottom Line

If you have just read our mini trampoline exercises for seniors’ guide and you are confused about choosing the best exercise for you, I will recommend you to go with the cycle. First of all, build your strength with the basic level moves before moving on to the advanced exercise.

If you have a large trampoline, you may have a few flips and high jump exercises in your routine that will help your core to become more stable. Always choose your safety over anything when it comes to the trampoline.

If you want to use this mini trampoline for your kids as well, make sure that you supervise them and add a safety net around your trampoline to avoid injuries.