Pros and Cons Of Rebounding Exercise

Rebounding is a form of aerobic or cardio exercise that is mostly related to rebounders or mini-trampolines. There are plenty of rebounding exercises including jumping jacks, flips, squats etc.

Rebounding exercises engage your full body and enhance strength to your legs muscles and ultimately you see energy in your bones. We have seen a massive demand for rebounders due to the multiple advantages of rebounding exercises.

When we see its advantages, it will enhance stability and balance in your body, help you in weight loss, increase blood circulation and works on enhances your metabolism process.

It is true that rebounding exercises are not for strength training. However, you may use it as your cardio session or you may also do use these exercises as a warm-up before high-intensity exercises.

There are a few negative side effects of everything and so we are here to discuss the pros and cons of rebounding exercise so you will get to know the benefits of it before assembling a mini trampoline in your home.

Advantages (Pros) of Rebounding Exercise

Increase Your Blood Circulation

enhances neuro function

Rebounding exercises tend to engage your full body movements and hence increases blood circulation in your body. You will feel more energetic and your muscles will have better growth than before. When we talk about blood circulation, we mean blood circulation in the full body. It also enhances your nervous system.

Burn Your Extra Calories

burn your fat

If you are worried about your body getting fat with the time and you have started a decent diet but still you are losing the inches you want, rebounders are for you. This is the main advantage of rebounding exercises that it tends to burn fast 300% faster than other cardio exercises. You will get more range of motion and when you will try to stabilize your body on the mini trampolines, it will give you more positive results.

Get Rid of Your Back Pain

side plank trampoline

If you are feeling pain in your back, rebounding exercises are for you. It will lower the impact of the exercises on your body and you will feel strength in your shoulders that will help you in reducing your back pain. If you have severe lower back pain issues, rebounding is not for you, consult a doctor before starting these exercises.

Increases Bones Density

trampoline push up

When you jump on a mini trampoline, it adds pressure on your bones and if you are suffering from osteoporosis, it will be a better option for you. Rebounding exercises helps to increase bone density and adds strength to bones resulting in reducing bones resorption.

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Negative Side Effect of Rebounding (Cons of rebounding exercise)

Safety Risk

safety risk

Whether you have a mini-trampoline (rebounder) or a large size trampoline in your home, safety is always at stake. Trampolines are not considered to be the safest equipment to work on but with the devolvement of online retailer and mini trampolines increasing demand in the market has forced the manufacturers to focus more on safety.

You can also get wrist or knee injuries if your bones can not absorb shock. It is recommended to start with the low impact exercises to strengthen your body before moving on to high-intensity trampoline moves.


maintain your bp

As we know, rebounding exercises help us maintain our blood pressure and it tends to reduce the blood pressure and maintain our heart rate. If you go towards high-intensity rebounding exercises, there are likely chances that your heart rate will increase which might be really harmful to hypertension patients.

Pregnancy Issues by rebounding

 Pregnancy Issues by rebounding

If I have to say one word to pregnant women about rebounder, A big No!

Jumping on a rebounder can be very dangerous for both mom and baby. A Constant rebounding exercise will stretch their connective tissues and as a result, they will feel a bitter pain in their joints. You may know that when you are pregnant, your body stability changes, so it’s better to avoid jumping during pregnancy. You may buy a birthing ball instead to make your body more stable these days.

Not for Muscles-Gain

Mini Trampoline Exercises Benefits

Rebounding is a set of aerobic exercises and it has nothing to do with strength training. It helps in reducing anxiety, depression, calories level and stimulates your blood pressure to keep it normal. If you want to gain muscles, you should join a gym or assemble home gym equipment.

Bottom Line

Nothing in this world is perfect. If you have read the pros and cons of rebounding exercise and you are worried about getting into injuries, do not worry about that. You may find various safety options in modern-day trampolines including springs padded cushion, bungees, Handrails.

I will recommend you to choose the low height rebounders as they will reduce the risk of getting you injures by falling from the trampoline. Always start with the low impact exercises before switching on high-intensity weight loss rebounding exercises

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