SpringFree Trampoline VS Spring Trampoline – Which one is better in 2022?

Trampolines have various variations including shape, strength, weight capacity, safety features. Out of these variations, nowadays, the most discussed variation is the springs free trampolines vs spring trampolines.

Both the options come with more safety features like you may add safety enclosure nets, foam-padded cushion, ladder to safe entry to the frame, then why are these spring free trampolines have been considered to be the safest option.

Springless trampolines come from various brands and they can be assembled in different shapes but we consider “spring free springless trampoline” as the best option to enjoy a more bouncy experience on your trampoline.

It is true that springless trampoline does not come in the budget range and they are usually expensive than the ordinary trampolines, yet they provide a lot of advantages on the spring trampolines.

SpringFree Trampolines vs Spring trampolines – Real Context

Springs Trampolines

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These are the traditional trampolines made up of galvanized steel trampolines. They provide a strong frame and jumping zone to kids and adults. Springs Trampolines come in different ranges depending upon the number of springs and their length.

More length of the springs means more bounce in the trampoline. These spring trampolines are considered to be the less safe option than the spring free trampolines due to chances of landing on these springs and get yourself hurt.

Nowadays, there are a lot of variations coming in springs trampolines to make them safe. As you know Skywalker brand has introduced a safety net that is inside the trampoline zone and you will not have to worry about long jumps to fall on the springs area.

Foam padded cushion is also very common these days to protect yourself to land directly on the trampoline springs. These are basically 1-inch-thick foam pads that provide you with a resting zone in the trampoline and protect you from unexpected injuries.

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Springfree Trampolines

springfree oval trampoline

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These trampolines are considered to be the safest option as they do not let you land on those harsh springs which can cause neurological injuries which may cause temporary or permanent paralysis.

These trampolines come with the same foundation, same frame but it comes with no hard edges and a safety net is poured on its legs to make it a safer option to jump on.

Springfree Trampolines Advantages

There are a few advantages that these Springfree trampolines have over spring trampolines and we have tried to describe all of them below:

Strong jumping Zone

Spring trampolines provide bouncier jumping mats. In springs trampoline, they tend to use thick foam padded cushions that may reduce the efficiency of the trampoline mat. These safer trampolines come with a shock-absorbing mat and their thick pad jumping mat protects you in case of long jumps.

Springfree trampolines have another advantage over spring trampolines as they do not use an extra cushion to protect the springs area and they provide more strength and bounce to the trampoline.

Flexible Safety Enclosure Net

It is true that a safety enclosure net is designed for the safety of the jumpers. In the case of high jumps, there are chances of going outside of the trampolines due to unexpected jumps or landing. The safety net in traditional trampoline comes with simple PPE material which is good but not long-lasting.

Springfree trampolines provide you Flexi net technology in the trampolines which not only protects you from going outside of the frame but it also acts as a shock absorption mat that protects you against unsafe trampoline moves.

No Direct Contact to Trampoline Rods

These trampolines are quite different in the shape to the traditional trampolines. These trampolines have a layer of rods below their main trampoline mat area which reduces the risk of getting injured from the trampoline tubing.

It helps in saving you from scull, neurological and knee injuries due to the trampoline.


As you know the trampolines are considered to be a healthy activity and jumping on a trampoline is a sport. No sport can be declared to be the safest. We can take precautionary measures but still, thousands of injuries have been reporting each year due to trampolines.

It is not necessary that you choose Springfree trampolines to assemble in your backyard, if you have a low budget and you want a safe trampoline, you can assemble a regular and budget trampoline in your backyard. You can purchase extra trampolines accessories needed to make your trampoline safe and sound.

Always do practice in front of a trainer before trying new moves on a trampoline. Make sure that you have not assembled your trampoline under a tree as sometimes when two people are jumping, unexpected force exert from the trampoline and may lead to a higher jump.

If you want to make your trampoline safer, go with an option to wear a knee pad and bounce boards which will protect you from sudden injuries. Always make sure to check your trampoline frame and safety net before moving to jump on it.

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