9 Trampoline Exercises for Kids in 2022

Trampolines are always the favourite backyard equipment for your kids. There are plenty of trampoline exercises for kids that they may join on trampolines or rebounder. Exercises and fun activities on the trampolines were always some of the best activities in childhood.

If you are a kid, I will recommend you to jump over the large-size trampolines with a safety-enclosed net for safety. If you can jump on a rebounder, then the best way to do trampoline exercises for kids is by rebounder as you will have plenty of jumping and swing options.

I remember when I used to jump on the trampolines, there were only a few safety options. Modern-day trampoline is a bit more advanced than prior times as much safety equipment including safety nets, springs safety pads and ladder has been added to the trampolines to make them safe equipment.

Trampoline Exercises for Kids


1. Dual Jump

This is the most common exercise and game on the trampoline. In this exercise. You will need the help of your friend to make this successful.

All you have to do, is jump slightly on the trampoline and when you land, your friend will put stress on the trampoline with his landing. It will produce tension in the trampoline bouncing mat that will produce more bounce in the trampoline which will take you to a high jump.

This exercise is beneficial for blood circulation and your kids will develop the stamina to jump higher on the trampoline as well.

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2. Jumping Jacks

This is another great trampoline exercise for kids. You can do this exercise on a rebounder or large size trampoline. Jumping jacks is a common exercise in our daily routine. Your kids will build stamina and strength in their glutes and abs muscles. A lot of arm and legs movement is included in this exercise which makes it one of the best trampoline exercises for kids.

To do this exercise, stand on a trampoline or rebounder and jump on the trampoline. When you jump, spread your hands and get them back to the starting position upon landing. Your feet should be alternative in every landing (Either they should be wide or close)

3. Kickboxing

trampoline kickboxing

I personally like kickboxing and boxing a lot as it makes us strong and healthy. It will work on your kid’s knee and glute muscles. Actually, it works on all the lower body muscles of your kids. All you will need is a kickboxing pad hand with your trampoline or you can assist your kids in healthy exercise with a boxing pad.

Start with the jump on the trampoline and when you land, land with a few kicks on the boxing pad and land safely on the trampoline. Try to assist your kids so they may increase their kick pace as well.

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4. Flip

I remember the time when I used to flip my body on the trampoline. When I studied, I got to know the health advantage of this healthy exercise as well. You can easily do this exercise on any rebounder or large-size trampoline.

All you have to do is to follow this video. Train your body with knee flips and start making it to the advanced level till you reach a point where you will be able to flip your complete body.

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5. Push-Ups

trampoline push up

If you are looking for the best trampoline exercises for kids, push-ups should be your first choice. Push-up provides healthy growth to your kid’s chest muscles and it also helps to provide strength to arms and abs muscles.

Start with laying on the trampoline. Teach your kids the right form to be more effective. Start with taking the feet as low as they can. Now, go down and perform a push-up and come back to the starting position. Make sure to keep your back and hips straight and aligned.

6. Front Claps

trampoline front claps

This is a simple exercise for kids under 6. In this exercise, your kids will be able to build strength in their arms and due to the wide movement of their hands and feet, it will work on a full-body exercise routine as well.

To perform this exercise, Kids have to jump on a trampoline or rebounder. Start with small jumps and then proceed with higher jumps. When you are in the air, front clap with your hands before you land. Repeat this exercise for 10-12 reps.

7. High Knee

This is another great exercise to include in the circle (trampoline exercises for kids). This trampoline focuses on knee muscles and you will feel strength in the knee and hips muscle.

Stand on a trampoline and when you jump, take your knees high. Try to touch your knee to your hand at your belly level. Try to get as high as possible and repeat this exercise for at least 12 reps.

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8. Hip Thrust

This exercise will bring balance and stability to your kids. This exercise is really efficient for lower body training. As we get old, we used to have pain in our lower back but if we are training this muscle from our childhood, we will really feel strength in lifting.

To do this exercise, jump on the trampoline. Take your feet high in the reverse direction and touch your hips. Repeat this exercise till you will be able to touch your hips muscles easily. Repeat this for at least 12-15 reps.

9. Hula Hoop Jump

You might be wondering why the Hula Hoop exercise is in the trampoline exercises for kids. As you can see, most of the exercises in our circuit are for lower body muscles. This exercise will work on your kid’s abdominal and chest muscles as well.

All you have to do, is get a hoop and stand on a trampoline. Now, jump on a trampoline and twist this hoop around your belly before landing. This exercise may also be done by standing on a trampoline and you can have random jumps between the exercise. Try to do this exercise for 20 seconds.

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Bottom Line

Hope you have trained your kids on the best trampoline exercises for kids. These exercises are of low intensity and there is less chance of any injury. If your kids are more than 10 years old, you may move towards adult exercises as well.

The trampoline is not the safest equipment to exercise on. So, avoid any irregular exercise or experiments as it may cause your kids severe injuries with time.

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