7 Best Trampoline Tricks For Beginners in 2022

Jumping on a trampoline is the favourite activity among kids and adults. No matter, if you are 10 or 50, your love of trampolines will be the same due to too many activity options on the trampolines.

There are a lot of trampoline tricks starting from the beginner to the advanced level. If you have just set up a trampoline in your backyard and you want to learn the trampoline tricks for beginners, we have listed all the tricks that will be easy and effective for you.

These trampoline tricks will not only add fun to your trampoline, but you will be able to get yourself fit with these trampoline tricks for beginners. To enjoy these tricks, you will have to anchor a large trampoline in your backyard but if you are an adult and you can manage safety precautions, you may do it on a rebounder as well.

Trampoline tricks for beginners

1. High Jumps

This is the simplest trampoline trick and there is not any hard or fast rule to doing high jumps on a trampoline. If you are a beginner, I will recommend you start your trampoline journey with exercise. It will help to engage your glute muscles and you will feel great pressure on your knees that will help you in muscle development.

To perform this trick, get your arms down and jump in the air. Try to jump higher in the air and raise your arms in a straight manner till you land for another jump. Enjoy 3 sets of 40 seconds of high jumps to get your body warm up.

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2. Knee Jump

how to do knee drop on trampoline

This is a similar exercise to hip jump but you land on your knees instead of your hips. This is one of the best trampoline tricks for beginners due to less effort. You can do this exercise for your cardio warm-up session. It really helps in losing extra calories from your body.

All you must do is land on your knees while jumping and make sure your body will be straight during each jump. Avoid unnecessary curves during jumping as they can affect your metabolism system.

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3. Jumping Jack

We all have done jumping jacks as a warmup exercise for our cardio sessions but what if you can also do this exercise on a trampoline? Jumping Jacks on a trampoline adds more effect to your body as it exerts more pressure on your knee and legs muscle.

To perform this exercise, get on the trampoline and start with a low jump. Jump higher and raise your arms to perform the jumping jack and land safely on the ground for the next rep.

4. Dual Jump

In this trampoline trick for beginners, you will need your companion to help you in this exercise. Both of you start with moderate jumps and ask your friend to land 2 seconds before you and put pressure on the trampoline mat. It will cause a huge jump in the air, and you will enjoy a dual jump.

Always take precautionary measures in this exercise as a high jump can lead you to injury. Always use a safety net and safety springs pad to avoid unsafe landing.

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5. Back Dop

how to do back drop on trampoline

This is another great trampoline trick for beginners as it helps in muscle stability and growth. This is quite a simple exercise that can be done by kids too. It helps to engage glutes, hips, and abs muscles.

To perform this exercise, jump in the air and land on your back to jump in the air. Perform 3 sets of 15 reps with the 20 second break in between.

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6. Jumping Spin

Jumping spin is another trampoline trick for beginners. It helps you in maintaining muscle stability and increases blood pressure in the body. It helps in gaining strength in glutes and abdominal muscles and you can also do this trick to get rid of sciatic pain.

Stand directly on the trampoline with a little leap and heat your body. Now, do a powerful leap to 180 degrees twist your body. Land on your feet and finish a spin. Try over and over until you make it perfect.

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7. Trampoline Planks

Planks are a great exercise for visible abs. If you want to lose weight, a 30-second plank will help you to lose more calories than any other exercise. Although it is a tough exercise in our guide, you will have a full-body benefit.

All you have to do is come in a plank position and keep your body straight and there should not be any curve in the body. Plank for 30 seconds and take a rest. Increase your time as you gain strength.

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Bottom Line

There is a huge list of trampoline tricks. These trampoline tricks for beginners will help you to get your feet firm on the trampoline. You will be prepared for the advanced-level rebounding exercises after getting more strength.

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