Trampoline Vs Jogging – Which one is better for you in 2022?

Jogging on a treadmill or running in a park was considered the best fitness exercise until we discovered other alternatives to burn extra fat from your body. It is a long debate when we talk about trampoline vs jogging as both exercises have their own pros and cons.

In this guide we will discuss all the advantages and disadvantages we may face when we compare jumping on a treadmill vs jogging, and you will be able to pick up the best fat loss exercise for you.



Running or jogging on a jogging track is considered to be one of the best fat-burning exercises and the best thing is you will not need to have any equipment. There are a few advantages jogging has over trampoline exercises that will be discussed in this guide.

No Equipment

no equipment

If you have made up your mind to burn your calories by jogging, this is so simple as you will not need any kind of equipment to do this fat-burning exercise. All you have to do is to tight node of your shoes and start running. If you are reluctant to go in public during this pandemic, you may also choose to do jogging on a treadmill or a trampoline as well.

No Budget Needed

If you will do jogging, you will save a lot of money as trampolines do not come at a budget-friendly price. They are considered to be expensive exercises and fun equipment. On the other hand, you will not need to pay anything. Just go out and enjoy your jogging in the fresh air.

Increase Your Stamina

Mini Trampoline exercises for seniors

It is true that you also gain stamina while doing exercises on a trampoline, but jogging helps you in building more stamina as it engages your whole body and you will be able to increase your breath ratio. Jogging is also recommended for knee and hips rehab, as jumping on the trampoline is not feasible for this category.

Fewer Chances of Injuries

trampoline knee injury

There are hundreds of thousands of cases reported each year due to injuries from trampolines. If you are looking for a safe option, I will recommend you to adopt jogging over jumping on a trampoline. However, there is multiple safety equipment introduced in the trampolines to make you feel safe and injury-free during exercises.

Jumping on a Trampoline

10 best mini trampolines for kids

Jogging is good but when it comes to getting the best out of your time, trampoline rebounding exercises are best for you due to more body engagement, and you will be able to build your stamina and strength with the time to go for higher jumps. There are plenty of benefits that you may get while jumping, or jogging on a trampoline.

Burns More Calories

trampoline squat jump

If you weigh 150 pounds, 30 minutes of moderate-intensity rebounding burns around 210 calories. A mile of jogging burns around 105 calories. The same amount of calories are burned when jogging at 4 mph. In a research published in the “Journal of Applied Physiology” in 1980, NASA’s Biomechanical Research Division found that running and rebounding generated equal heart rate levels and oxygen consumption. On the other hand, trampolining provided larger biochemical effects while putting less strain on the heart, making it more efficient than jogging.

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Bones Development

trampoline glutes bridge

When we compare trampoline vs jogging, Another element that makes rebounding more effective than running is the impact on your bones and joints. According to orthopaedic specialist Dr Justin Klimisch, high-impact exercises like running should either be combined with the other exercises in a cross-training programme to avoid burnout or switched for low-impact exercises like trampolining, especially.

Muscles Stability

Pros and Cons Of Rebounding Exercises

Jumping on trampolines provides stability to your muscles like many muscles involve during jumping and rebounding exercises. You will be able to increase your gravity support and your heart rate will be optimized with the rebounding.

Family Fun Time

hit to the ball on trampoline

If you are having a big trampoline in your backyard, you can use it for family fun activities as there are multiple trampolines with a heavyweight capacity that can easily accommodate up to 5 people. You can use it for double jump, trampoline basketball with your kids and much more.

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Bottom Line

It is always the personal choice and requirement of the users to choose which exercise provides them comfort. Jumping on a trampoline comes with many benefits but it also includes chances of injuries and a lot of investment is also needed to get the trampoline or rebounder.

Whether you are jogging on a part or jumping on a trampoline, do not play with your safety. Your safety should always be your priority and always take a healthy diet that should be ideal for your health

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